Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My Gift-A-Long Picks

I don't often buy other designer's patterns, because I just don't get that much time to focus on non-designer knitting - though I hoard them freely in my Ravelry faves in hopes that someday, I'll have the chance. When I do, I generally focus on patterns that I think will teach me something new - a new stitch pattern I've never seen before, a technique I don't have experience with - or else just something that I really want to own and know I will enjoy making (things like detailed lace shawls, while I love them when they're finished, tend to wear on my patience.) I thought it'd be fun to show you the handful of patterns I let myself splurge on this year (as well as a few that are hovering in my faves and may go home with me by the end of the sale.) All of these patterns are 25% off until Friday with the code "giftalong2015"!

Three-Way Stop by Brittany Wilson. Cool decreases that I've never experienced the likes of? Yes please!

Māia Tee by Francoise Denoy. Sprung for this one just because it's cute as heck and looks fun to make. 

Rainchaser by Jenny F. Can't wait to dig my needles into that weird stitch pattern!

Waverleaf by Faye Kennington. I need to learn that sweet faux-braid technique like, yesterday.

And here are a few of my very-nearly-almost-might-buy-but-am-definitely-saving-for-later-if-not picks:

Everyday Shawl by Jenny F. It's gray and it's ombre and I loooove it. 

Easy Cardigan by Meiju K-P. I feel like that name doesn't do justice to this fantastically weird and beautiful sweater.

Scorpion Flower by Annina Päivärinta. This is so me it hurts.

So far I've held off on all of these just because I know how rare it is for me to actually take on a large non-design project like a shawl or sweater. But.....want. 

In any case, I hope you'll check out the Gift-A-Long and find some lil treats of your own. Knit on, troops!

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