Thursday, July 23, 2015

They say never to work with animals or children...

...after this last little film project I think I understand why. 

I am pleased to semi-announce/continue hinting at a project I've had cooking for awhile now. Please enjoy this tiny sampling of "working with Pog" outtakes, and keep tuned in for the full scoop very very soon! 

(music courtesy of Nunavut Sound)

Friday, May 29, 2015

New Knitting Fabrics!

A little side project I've been working on, and something I'm pretty excited about: fabrics for knitters! (Knitters who are also sewists, probably. But there is also giftwrap and wallpaper for the rest of us.)

These samples are printed on the cheapest cotton option, so please excuse the rumpling and the general thinly-woven look. The printing itself looks great, and I'm excited about the fact that Spoonflower's digital printing method means that I can reproduce watercolors instead of having to work exclusively with flat colors (as I'd have to with a more traditional screen-printing method- though I hope to experiment with that someday as well.)

There are five basic designs available right now, in an assortment of colorways:

Stitch markers! (Only one color for these, thus far.)

Pompom makers, my very favorite tool of all, in green, blue, and white.

Yarn, of course, in all it's various forms (balls, hanks, cakes, skeins, and donuts! Woohoo!) This one comes in a lot of colors and backgrounds- black/white, blue/gold on white, blue/gold, red/teal, and orange/teal

Circular needles! Straights are great but they get too much attention, relative to how often knitters actually use them. Time to celebrate the circ. In white, seafoam, and tan.

And finally, my favorite- hats! All these hats are based off designs of mine. The colorway shown stays fairly close to the real colors (though some small liberties have been taken, with one in particular.) Also available in black/white and blue/gold.

They would be great for project bags or needleholders (if I ever get my sewing skills up to par, I just may make a few!)

And just to make this spicier...
I'm giving away a free fat quarter of your choice to the first person who can correctly identify all the hats in the hat print shown above! You can find my catalog of patterns here- they are all from published patterns, though some of the colors may have been tweaked (or may not be featured in the first photograph.) There are 14 in all; most are self-published but not all of them. Post your guesses in the comments- first person to get them all right wins!

**We'll do the Kona Cotton, which is one step up from the basic stuff above and ought to be pretty nice. Because of shipping costs I will have to limit this prize to the US, but if you live elsewhere and want to play I'd be happy to offer up a handful of patterns as a prize instead!**

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Introducing Vignette

Hey there, boys 'n girls! Another pattern already, you say? They do always seem to come in waves, don't they? Ah well. This one is a slight bit more summery than the last-


Vignette is a simply-textured half-pi shawl, designed to show off the gorgeous gradient yarn (Twisted Fiber Arts Muse in "Vintage"). Easy knitting and a delightfully drapey, soft result!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pyranine, and the return of an old favorite

Hello my sleepy blog! I have two fun things for you today!

Pyranine! A highlighter-bright hat named for the chemical used in yellow highlighters (pink ones use rhodamine, if you're interested. Woo chemistry!) The neons alternate with more subdued versions of themselves for a neat sort of shadow effect. The colorwork itself is dead easy, perfect for mindless knitting or a first foray into stranding. Click through to check it out on Ravelry, or click to buy now!

And next, the return of an old friend- Salad Wristers. This was one of my earliest patterns and I've been meaning to reknit/revamp/relayout/rewrite it (aka, make it not suck) for a long time now. It's finally back! Admittedly, the red yarn doesn't really lend itself to the salad-like appearance of the original...but I'm helpless in the face of rich, ruby red silk. Anywho, you can check that one out on Ravelry as well. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hats n' things!

Oh hi there, blog! Remember me? I've been simply awful about updating you.

But I promise I have been busy back here, chugging away behind the scenes on big future projects, and a few smaller ones as well- I put out three hats over the last few weeks!

First there was Apex- a stocking cap made extra special by the amazing gradient yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts. 

Next is Bemma- a simply-textured hat designed to show off the gorgeous hand-dyed Mecha yarn from Malabrigo (and a gift for my little sister, Emma.) 

And finally, Stairstepper - a little experiment with the "waste yarn thumbhole" technique (and awfully fun to spin in a circle.) 

Whew! All three are available on Ravelry, just click the names or photos. I'm excited to finally reveal some of the stuff I've been marinating behind the scenes, but we're not quite there yet... so for now, happy spring, and keep them needles a-clickin'! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tool Time!

I am super excited to be featured on the limited edition February Knitters Tool Tins from The Sexy Knitter!

(Eep! Those are my designs! On a thing!)

A few years ago, Sarah (the Sexy Knitter herself) and I bunked together at TNNA, a big industry trade show that happens in Columbus every year. She gave me one of her tool tins...

(this one)

...and I can honestly say it never leaves my side. (Or my knitting's side, anyway. I am, occasionally, capable of prying myself away from knitting.) I've lost and replaced various components over the years, and dripped countless beverages on my poor sheep's face, but it's still going strong.

So what do you get in one of these lovely tins?

- The tin itself, which is sturdy and closes quite securely- I've never had it bust open in my bag, despite always flinging my knitting around in a manner most careless. It is very similar to an Altoid tin (but no, it has never had Altoids in it, Sarah assures me!) There's a magnet strip on the inside of the lid which is super useful- it keeps the needles out of the fray so you can find them easily.

- 3 needles: 1 big yarn needle, 1 embroidery-ish sized needle, and 1 sewing needle. Covers all your needle needs. Your need...les.

- A nice flexible tape measure.

- A stitch holder, for obvious purposes.

- A double-ended mini crochet hook. This is one of the most useful tools in here, in my opinion- it's fantastic for picking up dropped stitches or making any number of fiddly repairs.

- A crazy bent stitch holder/cable needle

- Tiny little yarn snips! These are the smallest scissors you've ever seen, but they get the job done, and are also adorable. They're different than the ones in my original tin- a lot sharper, so that's nice.

- 5 origami star stitch markers. I freakin' LOVE these. They are so cute, and despite being made of paper, they really hold up. The ones from my original tin are a little dingier, but perfectly intact despite being used all the time.

Wanna grab your own? You can get 20% off any purchase of $25 or more in The Sexy Knitter shop for the next ten days, with the code "FriendsofAlex" :-) These designs will only be available this month so grab 'em if you want 'em- but there are lots of other great options too (you can even get custom ones!)

Disclaimer: I was provided the tins you see above as part of the whole "featured designer" package, but the opinions are my own :-) 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Doomsday Knits - One Year In

Wowza, I can't believe Doomsday Knits has been out for a year (a little more, actually - I'm slow with the blog posts!) I thought it'd be fun to take this opportunity to showcase some of the awesome FOs that have come from the book, courtesy of various righteous Ravellers!

Ashleybah is cute as can be in a hot pink Alternating Current (and matching modified Varia)

LinaFin's got cozy tootsies in her Long Road Ahead socks

FireSpitter made a gorgeous bulkier version of Ditch the Tech (love that gold!)

Kourtneyfromks is adorable in her Thrumviator!

Jedimom's midnight blue Lunar Progression is just stunning! (I am so into deep blues right now.)

PonderandWonder proves that Wayfarer isn't just for wandering the wastelands (it's also great for hanging in yarn shops.)

MaleficentKnits made the coolest pair of mis-matched Rattlebones (huh, maybe that's the cure for second-sock/glove-syndrome!)

Love these subtly-variegated green Fission mitts by EmiJ!

nbparham is looking Jetson-riffic in her version of Technologica!

madgiddy's Desert Warrior gauntlets are the very picture of bad-assery.

fashionjunkie made this gorgeous gold Suture out of some Plucky Knitter yarn...yum!

blacklocust made these lovely Grom-Mitts....

...for this INSANELY COOL costume! Now that's some dystopian shiz right there.

linuxchic looks gorge in a Forager knit in her own brand of yarn (Nerd Girl Yarns) - that almost-black is to die for!

BreiKonijn proves that Doomsday projects don't have to be gloomy, with these rainbow Survivor socks.

kelsiemorgan's Ozone is positively fringe-tastic.

sweetp's Apocketmitts prove that pretty things come... creepy packages.

This lil' babe will grow up knowing what's what, thanks to kts1023 and the Baby's First Principles blanket.

Doomsday designer sarahtomic might hold the record for Doomsday FOs... or at least, most worn all at once! Here she is in her I Was a Teenage Mutant, Alternating Current, and Rattlebone mitts (a second pair!)

I Was a Teenage Mutant has spawned some pretty cool modifications mutations:

catmanandrobin's version encountered a toxic chemical spill (aka, bleach)

Netkissa's IWATM had its genes spliced with another pattern (Temple Cats)

and Loves2Design's version appears to have encountered the Ooze!

Woohoo! I think that'll do it for today. But here's to another year of staving off the apocalypse one stitch at a time :-)

(Doomsday Knits is available on Ravelry and from Cooperative Press, in both physical and digital forms!)

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