Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rip Curl Shawlette Now Available to All!

This shawlette was originally part of Twisted's Shawlette Club and was released last year. Technically I think it was "available to all" through Twisted already... but now it's available through me ;-)

Rip Curl has an usual shape- an asymmetrical curl like a cresting wave. Though it seems odd, it wears like a charm- you can wrap it twice and use the little curly end as a hook to help keep it on! The sample was knit with a gradient set from Hazel Knits, in their delicious "Entice" yarn... but you can of course make it solid or striped, in any fingering-weight yarn you please. Slipped stitch "spines" and "bones" stick out from the garter stitch background to add a little extra geometric intrigue. 

(yeah it's upside-down here. I'm a champ. But hey, always nice to have a good-looking wrong-side.) 

You can find Rip Curl on Ravelry here, or:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fixing Snagged Knitwear

I taped this tutorial for my other blog and then realized that, oh hey, it might be useful for handknitters too! Duh!

Snagging tends to happen most often with loosely knit garments, particularly if the yarn is a bit slippery, so I feel like I don't have this problem as often with handknits...but it can definitely happen. Fortunately it's really easy to fix, and probably much easier for knitters who already likely know how to "read" stitches ;-)

Apologies for wandering off camera a bit towards the end- new set-up, still kinda figuring it out!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Miscellaneous Mayhem (Maybe)

The temperature here today is somewhere between "sweltering" and "Satan's taint" and the thought of wearings knits (or clothes) of any kind is a little bit overwhelming... but luckily I took these photos last week, so I can finally present the final installment of the Doomsday Knits styling series- "Miscellaneous Mayhem!" (It was still pretty hot though, so apologies if I look a little taxed, heh.)

This was our catch-all chapter for "general apocalypse gear" and any scenario that wasn't covered in a different chapter- zombies, plagues, the premature cancellation of beloved tv shows, etc.

First up- Apocketmitts! As I recall, these were originally named "apoca-mitts" and I think I fairly begged Flossie to let me make it even more punny. My first thought for these mitts was "BUS PASS" - or, if you're lucky enough to live in one of those cities where your subway pass just has to be waved over a sensor, they'd be especially perfect. But the pockets are also large enough to hold ID and a little money- great for going out without a purse. 

Next, Bulletproof! This top has a tailored feel that works surprisingly well with a blazer-jacket. You can of course zip up the straps all the way, but I really like the shape it leaves half-zipped. At least one knitter has made a buttoned version, which is an excellent mod if you're shy about sewing in zippers. 

I can't hear, read, or think the name "Ditch the Tech" without getting a little nostalgic about Dollhouse. Just look at that sad, far-off expression ;-) On my body, the sample size is more of a loose mini dress than a fitted tunic, but you get the idea. The length means you can pair it with leggings without feeling quite so exposed (though these are jeans) and the wide neckline keeps it from feeling too bundled-up. (Love this color SO much, too.) 

For Oh Bondage! I dove deep into my closet and excavated the "college goth" layer. Dem boots! The buckles add detail where a printed tee usually would, so I'd definitely go plain on the under layer. I feel like this is one of the most "me" outfits of the whole series, though I usually default to lower-heeled boots. 

I decided to pair Suture and Survivor together since they were both in the orangey family. I'll admit this outfit is a bit more halloweeny than the others (especially in those colors, heh) but aaah I love it. Let the yarn shine, I say! And I'll never get tired of the handknit-socks-with-heels look.

And that about wraps it up! You can find these patterns (as well as the rest) on Ravelry, where you can also buy digital copies of the book or individual patterns, or at Cooperative Press where you can get paper or digital copies of the book. Feel free as well to swing on by the Doomsday Knits group too- there are KALs, and we'd love to see your FOs!

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Sky Pirates as...Ground... People.

This section of the book was one of the first conceived- I was imagining some sort of conglomeration between Firefly and steampunk-style airship captains. Hard to capture in only three patterns, but I think we at least hinted in the right direction. In any case, let's get down to the outfits!

Let's face it- while I'm all for wearing knitted beanies year round, a thrummed hat like Thrumviator is probably going to be reserved for the chilliest of months- where it will definitely perform admirably! That cozy extra layer of sheepfluff is not kidding around. In any case, pairing it with a down jacket seemed reasonable. (Putting a down jacket on in late June in Michigan did NOT seem reasonable, but I'm happy to say that I survived.)

Battle Ready is essentially a dress-length vest (I'm not sure if there's a name for those?) and so looks super cute over a plain dark background of minidress, tights, and shoes. I left out the gauntlets as wearing them together gave a bit of a costume vibe (dude, these would be awesome for cosplay!) but you could also wear the gauntlets separately in any situation where you'd normally wear fingerless mitts or wristwarmers.

Oryx! I was very excited when Jennifer submitted a pattern by that name because I love the book :-) This top has a unique drapey shape that can be played up or down depending on what you wear it with. Paired with a button-up in lieu of a normal tank top, it really classes up the joint. 

That's it for this little mini-chapter: only one more chapter to go! You can see all these patterns and more on Ravelry, where you can also buy digital copies of the book or individual patterns, or at Cooperative Press where you can get paper or digital copies. Feel free as well to swing on by the Doomsday Knits group.

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Friday, June 13, 2014


I've been pretty blog-quiet, I know. I'm taking advantage of the summer slow season to catch up on some old projects - both knitting things (like this hat here, which needed a million ends woven in) and household things (in the winter, I curl up in a blanketed ball and let my environment fall to shambles around me, I'm afraid.) There won't be a pattern for this hat, as it's just scrappy stockinette, but... I like it. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe Winner!

The winner of the Sweet Sheep giveaway is Kaiya! Alicia will contact you soon to arrange your prize. Thanks, everyone, for entering and a huge thanks to Alicia for providing the goodies! If you didn't win, no worries- the lotion bars are highly affordable and totally worth it ;-) Great as gifts too!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Global Warming (is actually happening right now)

Mark this day, readers. For this the first (and probably last) time my bare-ass legs will ever appear on this here internet. Never let it be said that I don't sacrifice for my art. (As you can tell, they're not often seen in the light of day either... not that mere Sol is a match for their pastiness. Oh no. This is a pastiness that defies the laws of UV radiation.)

But alas, summer is upon us (in the northern hemisphere, anyway) and I figured it was high time to bust out the knits from the summeriest chapter of Doomsday Knits - Global Warming.

Let's start with...

Oxygenate! Being the monochromatic creature that I am, it was hard not to go all-gray on this one, but I scrounged up some pinkyred goodies from my secret stash of "clothes with color" in the basement and I think it really pulls it together...and brings out the rosiness in my knees ;-P This top is heavenly- delicate silk and alpaca, feather light, incredibly soft. Because of the lace, I figure most people will wear it with another layer underneath, but I figured I'd go for broke with a nude bra. Honestly I don't think it looks too indecent at all, surprisingly enough. Let this be a lesson on "how to wear see-through clothes at the office."

Next up, Fatigued! This is another one that's a little big on me, so beggin' yer pardon- the belt helps a lot though. I didn't have a necklace that was quite right, so a vintage brooch takes its place. A flannel shirt because just wearing the dress seemed too easy ;-) I think it would look better with some brown strappy sandals, but I don't own any so the khaki flats blend in nicely. This dress is incredibly comfy- the cottony (100% recycled!) material lets you get away with wearing a knitted dress in summertime without melting. 

Ahh, finally some pants. And lovely Fennec! This shrug is so dang comfy. I could definitely see keeping it with you to toss on in case of unseasonal breezes or overly-air-conditioned interiors (wtf is with the air conditioner abuse in most public buildings? You kept things at 72 over the winter, why are you dragging them down to 60 now? Arg!) I love the big drapey hood (reminds me of druids and cloaks and other magical things) and the scarf can be wrapped around the front or tucked away towards the back, depending on the look you prefer. Also fun to swing around! (Perhaps to swat the haunch of your lazy cayuse, or lasso up a rebellious lil' cow. I don't know, I'm trying to justify the boots.)

This might be more of a fall outfit...but DON'T CARE. FALL FTW. FALL ALL YEAR. ALWAYS DRESS FOR FALL. 

Whoa, sorry, I don't know what came over me just there. 

Anyway... these are the delightful Desert Warrior arm and legwarmers! Legwarmers + heels are my favorite thing (that I never wear because I never go anywhere cool enough and also, ouch, heels.) The armwarmers and studded belt "edge up" an otherwise pretty cutesy outfit. I don't have much to say about the logic of this ensemble, but I love it. 

Ozone is pretty much an outfit unto itself. I really wanted to style it with retro platforms and a big floppy 70's hat, but I own neither (why do I own neither?!? Must remedy.) So... sweater boots and my husband's grandfather's hat it is!

I'm a mawwwwdull, you know what I mean, and I do my little turn on the catwalk...

In all honesty I'd be most likely to wear this one the same way it's styled in a book- over a bikini, on a beach. It's warm and squishy and makes a fantastic cover-up. But it would also look awesome done up all retro-y with platforms and bellbottoms- especially the smaller size. 

That's it for this section! You can see all these patterns and more on Ravelry... and in case you didn't hear, the patterns from Doomsday Knits are now available individually! And we'd love to see your finished projects - and how you wore 'em- over in the Doomsday Knits group :-)

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