I've amassed quite a few low-budget video tutorials for various techniques that are used in my patterns. I know they aren't exactly high-definition, but hopefully they'll be helpful nonetheless!

Brioche in the Round (used in Heartbreaker)

Cable Cast On, Midwork

Dot Stitch (used in Rooty)

Duplicate Stitch

Garter-Tab Cast On (for shawls, etc)

Kitchener Stitch/Grafting

Knitting Back Backwards

Picot Bind Off


Provisional Cast On (Crochet Method) (used in a bunch of stuff, heh.)

Provisional/Seamless Thumbhole

Seamless Integrated Hem (used in A Hat for Eudora, Brimley)

String Theory Bind-Off  (used in Vivian Aubrey's pattern, String Theory, and also useful in Dilih.)

Triple- Stranding As You Go

Two-Color Long Tail Cast On (used in Klingy Girl)

Welt/Tuck Stitch (used in A Hat for Eudora, Klingy Girl, Rimple, and Wale & Course)

Yarn over the correct way (used in like, everything, but often mis-taught.)

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