Are your patterns available for wholesaling? 

Yes indeed, please contact my distributor for more info! The majority of my patterns are also available through the Ravelry In-Store Sales program.

Are hard copies of your patterns available? 

Yes, but only through yarn shops that wholesale my patterns. Try asking at your local yarn store or google the name of the pattern you want to find an online yarn store that sells the hard copies.

Do you offer pattern support? 

I do indeed! If you have a question, feel free to email me at keepittoadullroar {at} gmail {dot} com, or to ask in my Ravelry group. If you leave a comment on a blog post I will try to get back to you but it's a little harder to have a productive back-and-forth conversation ;-)

That said, here are a few common support questions and their answers...

-What does m1/s1/k2tog/this abbreviation stand for? 

Here is a list of my most commonly used abbreviations. All pdf patterns include an abbreviations list, as well.

bo- bind off
co- cast on
k- knit
k2tog- knit two together
kfb- knit front and back
m1- make one (by any method you want)
p- purl
p2tog- purl two together
pm- place marker
puw- pick up wrap and knit it together with the stitch it's around
s- slip
s2k1p- slip two stitches together, knit one stitch, pass the slipped stitches over the knit stitch
sm- slip marker
ssk- slip slip knit
tbl- through the back loop
w+t - wrap and turn
wyif- with yarn in front
wyib- with yarn in back
yo- yarn over

-How do I do a k2tog/yo/wrap and turn/any technique? 

Unfortunately these questions are really hard to answer by email but so easy to demonstrate in person. In most cases I will direct you to a video for help, so you may want to try typing the technique you need help with into YouTube, or check at KnittingHelp, which is just about the most helpful knitting demo site on the web. If you have an LYS that you like, they are often super helpful as well. That said I do have a few video tutorials for techniques which you can find here. 

-Will you give me directions to make this item in an entirely different size/at a totally different gauge/with crochet/completely differently? 

Sadly to do something like that, it would pretty much require me to start from scratch and write a whole 'nother pattern, so unless you are looking to pay a commission rate, the answer is most likely "I'm afraid not." Sometimes you can tweak sizes slightly by using a slightly bigger or smaller gauge. If you're interested in making major modifications, I encourage you to check out the forums on Ravelry.com or look for some tutorials on Google. There's lots out there about "How to resize a knitting pattern" or "How to knit a pattern at a different gauge." (I think you're on your own with the crochet version, though.)

Can I have a refund? 

Due to the nature of digital goods I can't offer refunds on PDF sales. There's just no real way to return them, you know? But I do offer pattern support so if you're having trouble, just get in touch (keepittoadullroar {at} gmail {dot} com) and we'll figure it out!

Can I advertise on your blog?

Mreeh, I really only do ads under special circumstances- you won it as a Kickstarter prize, or you're like my super bestie, or you offered me an exorbitant amount of money. Feel free to get in touch and pitch it to me, though. I am more likely to be amenable to ads on my other blog

Why so many hats? 

They're fun, they're quick, they don't use a lot of yarn, and you don't have to make two of 'em! Also I want to be cool like this guy.

Are your glasses real? 

Yeah, I just don't usually wear them unless I'm driving or looking at something far away.

What's with all the dogs? 

I work at home, so Pog (the black one) and Rupert (the blond one) are pretty much my only coworkers. I try to keep dog posts to a minimum on the blog, but you might hear a lot about them on Twitter.

Why do you swear so much? 

Video games and angry music warped my fragile adolescent mind. I have lots of other bad habits too, like mumbling and sandwich cookies.

Are we there yet? (submitted by Lindsey)

No, and so help me if you ask that again I will turn this car around RIGHT NOW and you won't get to go to grandma's.

Why are you so awesome? (submitted by Katherine)

I think it's the mumbling and sandwich cookies.

How do you cut your own hair? (submitted by Becky)

Why, I'm glad you asked. 

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