Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Pattern and Malabrigo Sale!

Two orders of business: First a hat! Meet Regina
My attentions have been split and my output slow, lately- something I've had a blog post semi-drafted about for awhile now, but I'm being slow about that too. But I'm darn pleased with this hat - it's a little more delicate than my usual fare, knit with cables and eyelets in gorgeous Crave Yarn Filigree, in a color called Coffee Savant (which I knew I had to have the moment I saw it on her website. So pretty.) If you're not familiar with Crave, you gotta check 'em out - the yarns are beautiful and the owner, Amor, is a delight (she was the one who dyed up those special Black Dog skeins for my Kickstarter! Another yarn in my "to design with" pile.) Anyway- you can find Regina on Ravelry as per usual!

Secondly! Malabrigo March is coming up! Which means my Malabrigo patterns (that's like, a lot of them) are on sale. Details here!

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