Monday, November 23, 2015

Knit it Black is here!!

Knit It Black is finally here! I've gone on and on about the purpose of this project in previous posts (short version: Wearin' dah black, helpin' dah puuurppies) and you can read about it in detail on the Kickstarter page for the project. For now I'll let the pictures do the talking ;-) Links to each pattern are below the photos, and you can see the whole collection on Ravelry here. All photos are by Vivian Aubrey, who is a darned good sport and barely blinked an eye when I told her "um, hey, I want you to shoot a bunch of black on black for me and yet somehow still not overexpose my pasty-ass face." That there's skills, ladies and gents. 

Char, a simple-but-shapely sweater in Madelinetosh Tosh DK. Features a flattering ass-flap, which is a phrase I never thought I'd say. 

Pitch, your classic boxy sweater. Easy to make, easy to wear - boxy sweaters have been all over lately but it can be tricky to find one with just the right amount of ease to make you look casual but not shapeless (particularly when you have a small frame that doesn't exactly assert itself under loose layers.) This was my attempt to solve that dilemma for myself, and I'm pretty darn happy with the result!

Messier51, a hyper-textural cowl named after a whirlpool galaxy by one of our amazing Kickstarter donors. Pog was an amazingly good sport about modeling it! The cowl mixes Malabrigo Twist and Rasta in a simple-to-execute stitch pattern to create a great nubbly look.

Melanist! I never get tired of brioche/1x1 rib juxtaposition, and I love the idea of full-on sleeves to help ease the transition to-and-from t-shirt weather (which, for me, lasts for about a week around the end of July. I'm a chilly creature.)

Seal. The basic ribbed hat perfected. Though simple, this hat has become my absolute go-to. I've worn it almost every day since the weather got chillier - it's just the right thickness and tightness to keep cozy and the color (Malabrigo's Pearl Ten in Mecha) goes with just about everything (well, everything I own,, gray, brown.) Fun fact: "Seal" is apparently the actual name for the brownish-blackish color that Pog is, one of my favorites. You know, like this.

Sambuca Noir, named by another rad Kickstarter donor! This is one of those delightful patterns that looks a lot more complicated than it is, thanks to after-the-fact smocking. The Madelinetosh ASAP is intoxicating- this is the first time I've used it and I've already hoarded several more skeins. 

^^ Not a black dog, but we wanted to make him feel included anyway.

Another huge thank you to the donors who made this collection possible, the folks who donated prizes, and to Vivian for letting me rope her into this. And thank you to those of you who have bought or will buy all or part of the collection: a portion of every sale goes to animal rescue charities that specialize in black pets or other less-often-adopted pet categories (senior, special needs, bully breeds, etc.) Being able to support those efforts in some small way makes me so very happy!


  1. What a great collection! The pieces look fabulous on you.

  2. I am super impressed, both by the beautiful designs, and by the outstanding photography. That can't be easy! Well done.


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