Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Indie Designer Gift-a-long is back!!

...and I'm a little slow with the blogging, so if you want to take advantage of **sooooper schweeeet deeeealls** you're going to want to get on it in the next couple days.

Here's what you need to know:

- Gift-a-long (or GAL) is a big giant knit-a-long that has been happening annually just before the holiday season, to help facilitate gift-knitting and promote independently published designs. There are games, prizes, progress and FO threads and photos to peruse, and tons of other gift knitters to cheer you on. (And yes, it's totally fine to make gifts for yourself. No judgies.)

- This week (ending Friday) all the participating designers have arranged for a smattering of their self-published designs to be discounted by 25% with the code "giftalong2015". (You don't have to participate in the GAL festivities to use the code, though of course, we encourage it!)

- ALL self-published, paid patterns by participating designers are eligible for the GAL activities, so if you miss the sale or want to use one of the non-discounted patterns, that's A-Okay!

- I, obviously-since-I'm-posting-this, am a participating designer!

Here are the relevant links

My designer page (Until Friday, you can click the "Giftalong" bundle to see the discounted patterns.)

- The Gift-a-long group (Come join in the fun! Wheee!)

- The participating designers thread (see what patterns are eligible for GALing, and see what else is on sale!) 

- Some of the prizes available to participants (

I've already done my annual buying-a-bunch-of-patterns-I'll-never-get-around-to-making-but-I-love-them shopping and I'll share some of my picks later today. But for now, please do drop in!

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