Sunday, August 23, 2015

Knit It Black Photoshoot!

Whew! The last few days have been a whirl. Vivian is here to shoot another project for Malabrigo (that I've been coordinating) so I scrambled to finish the Knit it Black knits and shoot them on the same trip. Travis was kind enough to break from his pie-baking to snap a few backstage shots on his phone: 

Sexy garage set!

Task-mistress Pog checkin' out our progress. 

So proud!

There are a few more on my Instagram, if you scroll back a little. I'm really grateful that the 90+ degree heat laid off on the day of the shoot, lemme tell ya! Pog was a real trooper, too (though I only made her hang out for a few photos.) I can't show you the final shots yet (they're not yet edited, Vivian would murder me, hehe) but when we were scrolling through the results and saw these two together, we agreed that they needed to be gif-ized:


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my ass. You're welcome. 

If you would like to pre-order the collection at a little bit of a discount, help me help some black dogs and cats, or just support dat ass, there's another week or so left on the Knit it Black Kickstarter ;-) 

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  1. Love it Alex!!!! Yes to garage studios!! Yes to helping animals!! Yes to dogs wearing knits!!! I can't wait to get a copy. My hope is to get the copy and finally meet you in real life and have it autographed. You rock, sister!



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