Sunday, August 9, 2015

Black Goodies to Chic Up Your Crafting

As long as we're celebrating all things knittery and black, I thought I'd whip up an all-black tools & goodies post! Please join me on my indulgent fantasy-shopping journey...

Lantern Moon makes some incredibly lux ebony knitting needles, including this interchangeable set.

I've talked about The Sexy Knitter's tool tins before... well, they now come in BLACK. Ooh la la!

Did you know that Blue Moon Fiber Arts has a whole spectrum of black colorways, called the Raven Clan? Oh yes. Oh yes yes yes.

Fringe Supply Co. sells several types of gorgeous black scissors.

Want to try some weaving? Wood Creek Looms come in several stains, one a gorgeous black.

It's not always easy to get your hands on Northbound Knitting yarn, but there's a reason for that: the most gorgeous blacks and grays you've ever seen.

This adorable project bag from givemeacrown would be perfect for small projects, notions, or heck, toiletries.

At wildwoolfarm, you can "adopt" Black Jack the goat!

Beautiful shiny buttons from MellowMoonSupply!

Awesome steggo needle gauge from sevenyaks.

Gorgeous yarn bowl by MorninGloriPottery

Mmm, the ultimate knitting bag as far as I'm concerned: a soft black leather tote by sord.

Even though Knit It Black has met it's goal, I still have a few black-related blog posts and such to go up, so I'm gonna do 'em anyway! Plus, we're still working on the stretch goal, there are still some groovy prizes, and it's a good chance to snag the collection for a few bucks less than the final price ;-)

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