Saturday, May 9, 2015

Pyranine, and the return of an old favorite

Hello my sleepy blog! I have two fun things for you today!

Pyranine! A highlighter-bright hat named for the chemical used in yellow highlighters (pink ones use rhodamine, if you're interested. Woo chemistry!) The neons alternate with more subdued versions of themselves for a neat sort of shadow effect. The colorwork itself is dead easy, perfect for mindless knitting or a first foray into stranding. Click through to check it out on Ravelry, or click to buy now!

And next, the return of an old friend- Salad Wristers. This was one of my earliest patterns and I've been meaning to reknit/revamp/relayout/rewrite it (aka, make it not suck) for a long time now. It's finally back! Admittedly, the red yarn doesn't really lend itself to the salad-like appearance of the original...but I'm helpless in the face of rich, ruby red silk. Anywho, you can check that one out on Ravelry as well. 


  1. Love this hat - so modern and hip!

  2. You really do have the best hat patterns. I think I want to do this in grey and white!

    1. Oooh it would be awesome in neutrals.... maybe half white and offwhite, half black and charcoal... I might need to do that now, haha.


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