Friday, May 29, 2015

New Knitting Fabrics!

A little side project I've been working on, and something I'm pretty excited about: fabrics for knitters! (Knitters who are also sewists, probably. But there is also giftwrap and wallpaper for the rest of us.)

These samples are printed on the cheapest cotton option, so please excuse the rumpling and the general thinly-woven look. The printing itself looks great, and I'm excited about the fact that Spoonflower's digital printing method means that I can reproduce watercolors instead of having to work exclusively with flat colors (as I'd have to with a more traditional screen-printing method- though I hope to experiment with that someday as well.)

There are five basic designs available right now, in an assortment of colorways:

Stitch markers! (Only one color for these, thus far.)

Pompom makers, my very favorite tool of all, in green, blue, and white.

Yarn, of course, in all it's various forms (balls, hanks, cakes, skeins, and donuts! Woohoo!) This one comes in a lot of colors and backgrounds- black/white, blue/gold on white, blue/gold, red/teal, and orange/teal

Circular needles! Straights are great but they get too much attention, relative to how often knitters actually use them. Time to celebrate the circ. In white, seafoam, and tan.

And finally, my favorite- hats! All these hats are based off designs of mine. The colorway shown stays fairly close to the real colors (though some small liberties have been taken, with one in particular.) Also available in black/white and blue/gold.

They would be great for project bags or needleholders (if I ever get my sewing skills up to par, I just may make a few!)

And just to make this spicier...
I'm giving away a free fat quarter of your choice to the first person who can correctly identify all the hats in the hat print shown above! You can find my catalog of patterns here- they are all from published patterns, though some of the colors may have been tweaked (or may not be featured in the first photograph.) There are 14 in all; most are self-published but not all of them. Post your guesses in the comments- first person to get them all right wins!

**We'll do the Kona Cotton, which is one step up from the basic stuff above and ought to be pretty nice. Because of shipping costs I will have to limit this prize to the US, but if you live elsewhere and want to play I'd be happy to offer up a handful of patterns as a prize instead!**


  1. This was a lot of work. With all three of my screens working at once. Various parts of the print zoomed in to different parts. Ah! I hope I got them all haha

    Zam hat
    Mix No. 24
    Lutine Cap
    A Most Bespeckled Hat
    Fooler A Faker
    Station Hat
    Ribbed Ski Cap
    Hallo, Love!

    1. Oh my god you're SO CLOSE (pssst- the last one)

    2. that was the only one i wasn't 100% on! Going to revise now!

    3. Dingdingding!! Yay! DM me your choice and where to send it :-)

  2. I'm'a let someone who can actually use fabrics guess the hats—I could definitely do it, but I can't sew at. all. However, if you find someone buying these up to make project bags, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'm dying for one of these as a project bag, and more than anything—like more than the heat of a billion suns—I want a project bag with your IUD drawings. Oh my god, like, PLEASE.

    1. The IUDs are definitely fabric bound - we'll have to find someone to make a bag. I'd love to do more sewing but my itty bitty house just isn't set up very ideally for it right now, I gotta figure out a system.

  3. How fun! I will just wait and buy them. I have just gotten into sewing and have made myself a few project bags. I can't wait to have a Dull Roar bag for my next Dull Roar project!

    1. I need to find someone who's into making project bags to team up with- if you know anyone, send 'em my way!

  4. These are great! I love the yarn and pom pom makers.


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