Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hats n' things!

Oh hi there, blog! Remember me? I've been simply awful about updating you.

But I promise I have been busy back here, chugging away behind the scenes on big future projects, and a few smaller ones as well- I put out three hats over the last few weeks!

First there was Apex- a stocking cap made extra special by the amazing gradient yarn from Twisted Fiber Arts. 

Next is Bemma- a simply-textured hat designed to show off the gorgeous hand-dyed Mecha yarn from Malabrigo (and a gift for my little sister, Emma.) 

And finally, Stairstepper - a little experiment with the "waste yarn thumbhole" technique (and awfully fun to spin in a circle.) 

Whew! All three are available on Ravelry, just click the names or photos. I'm excited to finally reveal some of the stuff I've been marinating behind the scenes, but we're not quite there yet... so for now, happy spring, and keep them needles a-clickin'! 

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