Sunday, February 1, 2015

Tool Time!

I am super excited to be featured on the limited edition February Knitters Tool Tins from The Sexy Knitter!

(Eep! Those are my designs! On a thing!)

A few years ago, Sarah (the Sexy Knitter herself) and I bunked together at TNNA, a big industry trade show that happens in Columbus every year. She gave me one of her tool tins...

(this one)

...and I can honestly say it never leaves my side. (Or my knitting's side, anyway. I am, occasionally, capable of prying myself away from knitting.) I've lost and replaced various components over the years, and dripped countless beverages on my poor sheep's face, but it's still going strong.

So what do you get in one of these lovely tins?

- The tin itself, which is sturdy and closes quite securely- I've never had it bust open in my bag, despite always flinging my knitting around in a manner most careless. It is very similar to an Altoid tin (but no, it has never had Altoids in it, Sarah assures me!) There's a magnet strip on the inside of the lid which is super useful- it keeps the needles out of the fray so you can find them easily.

- 3 needles: 1 big yarn needle, 1 embroidery-ish sized needle, and 1 sewing needle. Covers all your needle needs. Your need...les.

- A nice flexible tape measure.

- A stitch holder, for obvious purposes.

- A double-ended mini crochet hook. This is one of the most useful tools in here, in my opinion- it's fantastic for picking up dropped stitches or making any number of fiddly repairs.

- A crazy bent stitch holder/cable needle

- Tiny little yarn snips! These are the smallest scissors you've ever seen, but they get the job done, and are also adorable. They're different than the ones in my original tin- a lot sharper, so that's nice.

- 5 origami star stitch markers. I freakin' LOVE these. They are so cute, and despite being made of paper, they really hold up. The ones from my original tin are a little dingier, but perfectly intact despite being used all the time.

Wanna grab your own? You can get 20% off any purchase of $25 or more in The Sexy Knitter shop for the next ten days, with the code "FriendsofAlex" :-) These designs will only be available this month so grab 'em if you want 'em- but there are lots of other great options too (you can even get custom ones!)

Disclaimer: I was provided the tins you see above as part of the whole "featured designer" package, but the opinions are my own :-) 

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