Sunday, January 25, 2015

Doomsday Knits - One Year In

Wowza, I can't believe Doomsday Knits has been out for a year (a little more, actually - I'm slow with the blog posts!) I thought it'd be fun to take this opportunity to showcase some of the awesome FOs that have come from the book, courtesy of various righteous Ravellers!

Ashleybah is cute as can be in a hot pink Alternating Current (and matching modified Varia)

LinaFin's got cozy tootsies in her Long Road Ahead socks

FireSpitter made a gorgeous bulkier version of Ditch the Tech (love that gold!)

Kourtneyfromks is adorable in her Thrumviator!

Jedimom's midnight blue Lunar Progression is just stunning! (I am so into deep blues right now.)

PonderandWonder proves that Wayfarer isn't just for wandering the wastelands (it's also great for hanging in yarn shops.)

MaleficentKnits made the coolest pair of mis-matched Rattlebones (huh, maybe that's the cure for second-sock/glove-syndrome!)

Love these subtly-variegated green Fission mitts by EmiJ!

nbparham is looking Jetson-riffic in her version of Technologica!

madgiddy's Desert Warrior gauntlets are the very picture of bad-assery.

fashionjunkie made this gorgeous gold Suture out of some Plucky Knitter yarn...yum!

blacklocust made these lovely Grom-Mitts....

...for this INSANELY COOL costume! Now that's some dystopian shiz right there.

linuxchic looks gorge in a Forager knit in her own brand of yarn (Nerd Girl Yarns) - that almost-black is to die for!

BreiKonijn proves that Doomsday projects don't have to be gloomy, with these rainbow Survivor socks.

kelsiemorgan's Ozone is positively fringe-tastic.

sweetp's Apocketmitts prove that pretty things come... creepy packages.

This lil' babe will grow up knowing what's what, thanks to kts1023 and the Baby's First Principles blanket.

Doomsday designer sarahtomic might hold the record for Doomsday FOs... or at least, most worn all at once! Here she is in her I Was a Teenage Mutant, Alternating Current, and Rattlebone mitts (a second pair!)

I Was a Teenage Mutant has spawned some pretty cool modifications mutations:

catmanandrobin's version encountered a toxic chemical spill (aka, bleach)

Netkissa's IWATM had its genes spliced with another pattern (Temple Cats)

and Loves2Design's version appears to have encountered the Ooze!

Woohoo! I think that'll do it for today. But here's to another year of staving off the apocalypse one stitch at a time :-)

(Doomsday Knits is available on Ravelry and from Cooperative Press, in both physical and digital forms!)

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