Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Introducing Sweet Tooth, a Progressive Ebook

I am trying a little experiment - a "mystery ebook," you could call it.

I have in my (metaphorical) hands four knitting patterns- each a cheery-colored hat knit in Malabrigo Merino Worsted, each knit up on size US 8 needles. Some feature simple cables, others merely textures. Some are one-color, some are more (but there is no stranding.) One requires the use of charts, the rest do not.

Today, I release the first pattern (more on that in a minute). Two weeks from now, the second. Two weeks later, the third. And so on.

Each pattern can be purchased individually, of course. But if you choose to take the gamble and buy the ebook before the rest of the collection is released, you'll get a discount proportionate to the amount of risk you're taking. The price will go up each time a pattern is added, until all four patterns are released and it reaches its final price.

Like to live dangerously? Buy the ebook today and you'll get all four patterns for just $8. Rather wait and be sure? That's fine too, the ebook will still be a good deal even after it's all over.

The first pattern is Dragée:

Dragée features large (but simple) cables on heavily textured background (there's just something so delightfully... chewy, about seed stitch. Does that word make sense? Not rustic, exactly. Just...chewy. Maybe I'm just associating seeds with granola, haha.) The colors remind me of Jordan Almonds, hence the name (which is pronounced like this, btw- I had to look it up, heh. Been saying "Draggie" on my head for years.) 

You can find Dragée on Ravelry here (or buy now), and if you're ready to take the plunge and snap up the Sweet Tooth ebook at the lowest price it'll ever be, you can do that here!


  1. I love your hats so I will gladly take the "risk". Can't wait to see how this experiment goes.

  2. Mightily sweet to be sure! Colors fantastic :).


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