Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Citric- Second Sweet Tooth Pattern!

It's been two weeks, and here's the second installment in the Sweet Tooth mystery ebook! Citric (as in citric acid, the delightful sour food additive) is knit in Malabrigo Worsted Fluo- a delightfully electric shade of lemon. Simple textures with somewhat concentric detailing accent the citrus-y feel. 

The price is now $10 for the series of 4 hat patterns - two more patterns are left to be revealed and the price will inch upwards each time, so if you're feelin' gutsy, grab it now for the best deal! You can find the ebook on Ravelry here. 

Or if you'd rather just have Citric, you can hit this fancy button: 

We've also got a Sweet Tooth KAL going on

There are fabulous prizes to be had, and anyone who participates with any of the patterns is eligible (though I'll be coming up with a sizable prize pack for someone who finishes all four hats!) Please do drop by!

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