Sunday, September 28, 2014


A little while ago, I reblogged a silly thing on tumblr that said "REBLOG IF YOU WOULD BE LITERALLY 100% OKAY WITH FAN ART ABOUT YOU EVEN IF IT WAS JUST STICK MEN" and commented "*imagining a world in which knitwear designers get fanart, lulz*" because, well, that's not really a thing, as far as I know.

(and yeah, I have a tumblr- it's not even remotely knitting related though, so I don't really promote it. It's all dogs and Harry Potter.)

Well, Katrin saw it and made all my wildest dreams come true:

IS THAT NOT THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER? There's Forager and Northern Line and Zebra Crossing and RUPERT! and a coconut (I'm fanatical about coconut oil, hehe) and goggles and Pisky and Sonny and Flabbergash and Lutine and boots and tights and that's even totally my hallway! AHHHHH!!!!

I do fully acknowledge that this is probably less exciting to everyone else than it is to me, but it's really, really, really exciting to me, so I had to share :-) Thank you so much Katrin!! You are amazing!!


  1. Very cool. The picture made me smile as it is so accurate.

  2. I think that is completely fantastic and awesome drawing skills, Katrin! (sjn821)

  3. I saw the image in my bloglovin' daily recap and knew instantly it was you. Such a great illustration!


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