Thursday, August 7, 2014

Twenty Things

I saw this thing that Stacey did and while I feel rather weird blathering about myself, it seemed like a fun way to rouse the blog a bit during the summer knitting-hibernation-season. So here's a bunch of stuff you probably don't care to know about me! I'll fill it with links to help you waste time more effectively.

1. All of my boots have squished and dented toes because I am intensely paranoid about spiders and centipedes hanging out in my shoes, and I'll step on the toes to make sure that nothing that made it through the "shaking out upside-down" phase lives. If I haven't worn them in awhile I'll sometimes vacuum them out, or ask Travis to stick his arm in there to check (whatta guy.)

2. I'm a super tactile person and I have an intense obsession with sturdy, classic-feeling textiles: canvas, wool (of course), velvet, leather. I'm slowly moving towards filling my house (and wardrobe) with as many of them as possible. Right now I'm super hung up on Hudson Bay point blankets (a phase that will probably last until I find a good deal on one) and waxed canvas.

3. Songs that I will never turn off before the end: Magic Man, Total Eclipse of the Heart, Crazy on You, Just Dropped In, Head Over Heels. I realize two of those are by Heart and one has "Heart" in the name, what does it all mean??

4. I don't really drink any alcohol or caffeine- not for any moral or health reasons, I just react strongly to both and therefore don't really enjoy them. I used to drink both, I'm not sure what changed. I will sometimes have green or black tea if I'm super tired (or in England), but I'll generally take decaf if it's available. And I'll taste other people's boozedrinks- I really rather miss the taste of wine.

5. One time I was on the Cobra Snake. I looked awful. I consider that the point where my hipness peaked before plummeting down the other side.

6. I have a BA in Psychology with a minor in visual arts (well, the equivalent of, since my school didn't do minors.) It's not getting a whole lot of use, but I still love reading about psych (book recommendations welcomed and encouraged!)

7. Occasionally (fortunately infrequently) I get ocular migraines where my vision gets taken over by blobs of light (kind of like if you press on your eyes) and I basically go mostly-blind for awhile. I certainly prefer them to the pain kind, but they're still pretty annoying when they happen. (That video is kind of accurate...closest I've found, anyway.)

8. Once when my mother was scanning the radio, I yelled out "Tarzan Boy" and lo and behold, the next station she switched to was just playing the opening yodels of Tarzan Boy. It was the proudest moment of my life, beating out two graduations and every other personal and professional achievement to date.

9. I once won a wedding craft competition! Looking back on it, I have no idea how I won...that project is kinda busted. I spent the entirety of the prize money fixing my car's power steering :-(
(Later my wedding was on that blog, though, so that's pretty cool! And THAT bouquet was much better.)

10. I had good grades and test scores in high school, but was rejected from the National Honor Society because I answered their "What are you good at?" essay question with something to the effect of "Making Kraft Macaroni and Cheese." I guess I thought they would appreciate my wit?

11. I play the ukulele, but not well, and never with an audience. More specifically, it's a banjolele (twaaang!) though I did buy a baritone uke recently thinking it might be a good stepping stone to a guitar. But so far in my life, I've failed at every instrument that had more strings that I had fingers.

12. Top 5 most bangable cartoon characters:
  1. Brock Samson
  2. Kronk (aka ditzy South American Brock Samson)
  3. Disney's Robin Hood (it's not just me, okay?!?)
  4. I was going to cheat and say "Adrian Brody if he was a cartoon" but I'll go with Trent.
  5. Both the guys from Road to El Dorado, at the same time.

13. I once got fired from a summer cleaning job that was run out of a trailer that smelled like cat pee. If being psychically linked to Tarzan Boy was the high point of my life, that was the low. In my defense, my boss was nuts and was firing me for something another girl was responsible for, but the other girl had already quit and someone had to go. House cleaning was actually a pretty interesting gig (I love looking around the inside of houses), though not exactly fun in the heat.

14. I can come out of pretty much any light-on-gore horror movie unscathed, but fat hairy plant stems scare the hell out of me.

15. If I'm home, in the car, or otherwise in a situation where nobody can see me, there is a 90% chance that my jeans are unbuttoned. Ahhhhh. Waistbands are a burden.

16. I'm a quitter. I like trying things but see no point in sticking with them if I don't fall in love. A brief list of things I've quit in vague chronological order: tap dance, T-ball, ballet, "hip-hop" dance, swimming, gymnastics, piano, violin, guitar (acoustic and electric), sitar, French, art school, German, meditation classes, juggling classes, pretty much every job I've ever had, Couch-to-5k (almost immediately) .... technically also horseback riding and ceramics classes, though that was more a matter of time and priorities changing - I'd still happily do both! I've never really regretted any of it, though sometimes I like to go back and dabble a bit, and I know my flakiness drove my mother crazy (sorry Mom!! Thanks for letting me bail and not going all Tiger Mother on me!)

17. I'm very into new-agey woo-woo things like crystals, candles, alchemy, celestial stuff, tarot, general witchery, etc... except that I don't believe a whiff of it. I just love the aesthetics. I did once get my fortune told by a professional, and it was...70% accurate, maybe. I was really impressed until she told me I wanted like 8 kids (haaaaa!)

18. If I have my choice, I watch everything with closed captioning on because I'm super bad at understanding mumbles and I hate having to rewind. Weirdly enough this helps even though I'm usually knitting while watching and not looking at the screen.

19. My nails don't have half-moons at the bottom (unless I paint them there). I'm pretty sure it's just because they're short and stubby, but as a kid some magazine told me they were a sign of health so I was pretty sure I was doomed.

20. I am firmly pro-Oxford-comma.

Okay! Well that was a fun procrastinatory activity. I try to leave the memes back in my Livejournal days, but once in awhile I can't resist. If any of you do it, leave me a link in the comments!

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