Thursday, July 24, 2014

Re-release of Garterrific and Show-Off Scarf

I've been very slowly re-knitting, re-photographing, and re-writing some of my older, more sloppily-executed patterns, and I'm pleased to announce that two of them are back in a newer, shinier, better-written form!

There's the Show-Off Scarf:

And (in neon glory): Garterrific!

Click the names or photos to find 'em on Ravelry!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rip Curl Shawlette Now Available to All!

This shawlette was originally part of Twisted's Shawlette Club and was released last year. Technically I think it was "available to all" through Twisted already... but now it's available through me ;-)

Rip Curl has an usual shape- an asymmetrical curl like a cresting wave. Though it seems odd, it wears like a charm- you can wrap it twice and use the little curly end as a hook to help keep it on! The sample was knit with a gradient set from Hazel Knits, in their delicious "Entice" yarn... but you can of course make it solid or striped, in any fingering-weight yarn you please. Slipped stitch "spines" and "bones" stick out from the garter stitch background to add a little extra geometric intrigue. 

(yeah it's upside-down here. I'm a champ. But hey, always nice to have a good-looking wrong-side.) 

You can find Rip Curl on Ravelry here, or:

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fixing Snagged Knitwear

I taped this tutorial for my other blog and then realized that, oh hey, it might be useful for handknitters too! Duh!

Snagging tends to happen most often with loosely knit garments, particularly if the yarn is a bit slippery, so I feel like I don't have this problem as often with handknits...but it can definitely happen. Fortunately it's really easy to fix, and probably much easier for knitters who already likely know how to "read" stitches ;-)

Apologies for wandering off camera a bit towards the end- new set-up, still kinda figuring it out!

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