Monday, June 23, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Sky Pirates as...Ground... People.

This section of the book was one of the first conceived- I was imagining some sort of conglomeration between Firefly and steampunk-style airship captains. Hard to capture in only three patterns, but I think we at least hinted in the right direction. In any case, let's get down to the outfits!

Let's face it- while I'm all for wearing knitted beanies year round, a thrummed hat like Thrumviator is probably going to be reserved for the chilliest of months- where it will definitely perform admirably! That cozy extra layer of sheepfluff is not kidding around. In any case, pairing it with a down jacket seemed reasonable. (Putting a down jacket on in late June in Michigan did NOT seem reasonable, but I'm happy to say that I survived.)

Battle Ready is essentially a dress-length vest (I'm not sure if there's a name for those?) and so looks super cute over a plain dark background of minidress, tights, and shoes. I left out the gauntlets as wearing them together gave a bit of a costume vibe (dude, these would be awesome for cosplay!) but you could also wear the gauntlets separately in any situation where you'd normally wear fingerless mitts or wristwarmers.

Oryx! I was very excited when Jennifer submitted a pattern by that name because I love the book :-) This top has a unique drapey shape that can be played up or down depending on what you wear it with. Paired with a button-up in lieu of a normal tank top, it really classes up the joint. 

That's it for this little mini-chapter: only one more chapter to go! You can see all these patterns and more on Ravelry, where you can also buy digital copies of the book or individual patterns, or at Cooperative Press where you can get paper or digital copies. Feel free as well to swing on by the Doomsday Knits group.

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