Sunday, June 29, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Miscellaneous Mayhem (Maybe)

The temperature here today is somewhere between "sweltering" and "Satan's taint" and the thought of wearings knits (or clothes) of any kind is a little bit overwhelming... but luckily I took these photos last week, so I can finally present the final installment of the Doomsday Knits styling series- "Miscellaneous Mayhem!" (It was still pretty hot though, so apologies if I look a little taxed, heh.)

This was our catch-all chapter for "general apocalypse gear" and any scenario that wasn't covered in a different chapter- zombies, plagues, the premature cancellation of beloved tv shows, etc.

First up- Apocketmitts! As I recall, these were originally named "apoca-mitts" and I think I fairly begged Flossie to let me make it even more punny. My first thought for these mitts was "BUS PASS" - or, if you're lucky enough to live in one of those cities where your subway pass just has to be waved over a sensor, they'd be especially perfect. But the pockets are also large enough to hold ID and a little money- great for going out without a purse. 

Next, Bulletproof! This top has a tailored feel that works surprisingly well with a blazer-jacket. You can of course zip up the straps all the way, but I really like the shape it leaves half-zipped. At least one knitter has made a buttoned version, which is an excellent mod if you're shy about sewing in zippers. 

I can't hear, read, or think the name "Ditch the Tech" without getting a little nostalgic about Dollhouse. Just look at that sad, far-off expression ;-) On my body, the sample size is more of a loose mini dress than a fitted tunic, but you get the idea. The length means you can pair it with leggings without feeling quite so exposed (though these are jeans) and the wide neckline keeps it from feeling too bundled-up. (Love this color SO much, too.) 

For Oh Bondage! I dove deep into my closet and excavated the "college goth" layer. Dem boots! The buckles add detail where a printed tee usually would, so I'd definitely go plain on the under layer. I feel like this is one of the most "me" outfits of the whole series, though I usually default to lower-heeled boots. 

I decided to pair Suture and Survivor together since they were both in the orangey family. I'll admit this outfit is a bit more halloweeny than the others (especially in those colors, heh) but aaah I love it. Let the yarn shine, I say! And I'll never get tired of the handknit-socks-with-heels look.

And that about wraps it up! You can find these patterns (as well as the rest) on Ravelry, where you can also buy digital copies of the book or individual patterns, or at Cooperative Press where you can get paper or digital copies of the book. Feel free as well to swing on by the Doomsday Knits group too- there are KALs, and we'd love to see your FOs!

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