Friday, June 13, 2014


I've been pretty blog-quiet, I know. I'm taking advantage of the summer slow season to catch up on some old projects - both knitting things (like this hat here, which needed a million ends woven in) and household things (in the winter, I curl up in a blanketed ball and let my environment fall to shambles around me, I'm afraid.) There won't be a pattern for this hat, as it's just scrappy stockinette, but... I like it. 


  1. I like it too! Can you provide general notes? gauge is this, cast on that, knit for so many inches, decrease over so many inches until you have x stitches, bind voila?

    1. I think its probably either 88 or 96 stitches on size 8's, with 8 decreasing points. That's kinda my default for plain worsted hats (this has other weights in it too but I just sorta shoved them all on the same needles. The gauge is totally all over the place, though.)

    2. good to know. knit for like, 8 inches for the slight slouch?

    3. Yeah, somewhere in that neighborhood :-)

  2. Ooh. Love it. And thanks for the notes!


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