Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sweet Sheep Review and Giveaway!

Alicia of Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe recently contacted me to ask if I'd like to try out some of her new line and offer some to you guys as well! Let's see, homemade body products that I didn't have to make myself? Yes please!

Please excuse the blurred ink- there was a small coconut oil explosion in my suitcase D-:

I've been meaning to pick up a lotion bar for awhile because they're awesome for traveling (and fortunately this showed up the day before our anniversary trip to Northern Michigan- woo!) If you're not familiar with the concept, a lotion bar is basically like lip balm for your body. It's like a hard waxy hockey puck, and when you touch it to your skin, your body heat melts off juuuust enough to get a nice, even, thin layer of moisturizer. Kinda like a bar of soap, but of lotion. Sometimes if the balance of ingredients isn't just right, they can be overly sticky or too difficult to melt, but this one worked great! Great for chapped knitter-hands ;-)

I'm not a big fan of artificial scents, but Sweet Sheep offers a several unscented and naturally scented versions- for the lotion bar, I snagged the "Unscented Cocoa" which just simply smells like the cocoa butter that it contains (yum, chocolate!) There is also a version with "deodorized cocoa butter" if you want it truly unscented, though.

For the lip balm, I requested Lavender (which is scented with essential oils.) I was curious what it would taste like, since I recently tried a lavender-flavored soda and was not impressed, and because it contains lanolin which works great on my lips but tastes like a sheep's ass (or so I imagine a sheep's ass tasting, anyway.)

It tastes *so good*! I think maybe it's because the main ingredient is mango butter, though there is a little bit of flavor oil in there as well (not sure which flavor, but it's tasty.) It smells like some kind of lavender candy, and goes on super smoothly- much moreso than balms that are primarily beeswax. And most importantly, I definitely did not get any hint of sheep ass. Hooray!!

Basically, these are awesome. The ingredients are healthy and free of any weird toxic stuff- just beeswax, lanolin, various plant/nut/fruit oils, a little vitamin E, and (in the lip balm) a little EO and flavoring. (Okay, so I don't actually know what goes in flavoring oils, but they're made for candy-making so I'm not too worried about a drop of it!) As much as I enjoy making DIY body products in order to avoid the yeckky chemicals in store-bought stuff, it can get expensive to buy all the ingredients and tools just for a one-person batch, and it's definitely time-consuming and messy. It's awesome to find a product that uses great natural ingredients and doesn't require me to do any of the work ;-) Plus, they're adorably packaged and would make a great gift for other dry-skinned knitterfolk!

And now the fun part! Alicia has offered to send one of you a lotion bar of your choice! 

To enter, just head over to the shop, then let me know in the comments what flavor you would want. I'll choose a winner in one week!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Styling Your Apocalypse: Wasteland-ish Vagabonds

I am running out of semi-clever titles. "[Teenage] Wasteland Vagabonds"? I don't know.

Wasteland Vagabonds was definitely one of the most fun chapters to style- lots of layering and sticks and thigh chains and stuff. Styling it for everyday wear is slightly less exciting, but still pretty fun.

First up, Rattlebone! These are nice because they're long enough to really keep your arms warm, even if you're wearing a regular ole t-shirt. I like 'em with a cowl to cozy up a plain ole jeans & tee outfit. (I swear these pants don't usually look so weird, I think I'm just standing oddly- oops! I love these new(old) bootie things I found, but I'm still sort of torn about the best way to wear skinny jeans with them. Rolled? Scrunched? Tucked in? I default to scrunched but they always worm their way inside anyway...)

I'll admit this isn't the most "everyday" ish outfit in this series (though it is insanely comfortable.) I decided I liked Forager best left open in this case, though you can pin the flaps shut at the shoulder with a shawl pin (as shown in the book pictures.) While I admit that viking sword leggings don't make a ton of sense with moc boots, the end result of it all is a little bit... Conan-the-Barbarian-Lady-Chic (in a universe where Conan-the-Barbarian-Ladies wore anything but tiny leather bikinis.) Pro tip: Did you know you can add "Chic" to the end of anything and it makes it sound fancy? Pretty sure that's a real rule.

(Rupert's helping!!) I decided to play up Wayfarer's bandana-ish qualities and go a little cowgirly with it. The leather lacing fits nicely in this context. For a toned-down version, you could wear a different sort of boot (or even flat). But hell, you* bought the freakin' cowboy boots on ebay a year ago, you need to find more opportunities to wear them, dagnabbit! 

As always, you can check out all of Doomsday Knits on Ravelry here or at Cooperative Press's website. 

And here are some links to other Styling Your Apocalypse posts!

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