Saturday, April 19, 2014

My favorite knits for SPRING!

Spring is here!! The wait was long and tiresome in Michigan, but it's here at long last. Still, the coming of spring is always a little bittersweet, as we put away many of our wooly goodies until next year (okay, I'mma be honest, I wear my wool hats in the middle of July. But I'm an odd duck, I know.)

Still, you don't have to abandon your knits entirely- especially in this delightful "sweater weather"! Here are some of my favorite knits (mine and otherwise) for the warmer seasons:

Jelly Bean Tee: Sarah Burghardt's awesome embellished tee project is a great way to use leftover sock yarn and oversized-but-still-nice tees. And the finished result is downright saucy!

Lutine: I don't know why, but something about this hat just doesn't feel wintery to me. I wear it much more in spring and fall. 

Principesa: Whose balls do I gotta wind to get a Sexy Knitter dress into my wardrobe, stat? (The sad answer is "my own, and then knit them" and I ain't got time for that. Sigh.) 

Sharona: This cowl is feather-light, well-ventilated, and great for cool spring evenings. 

Heart Me Forever: You may know Lauren Riker best as the winner of the Fiber Factor, but she also has a ton of wonderful warm-weatherish (and some "indoor only unless you're quite brave") patterns, including this stunning skirt. 

Forager: This sleeveless, loose-knit, crepey silk is the perfect summer knit (but add on the handy cowl for cooler evenings.) 

Helike: MORE LIKE ME-LIKE, HARHARHAR. No but seriously, I'll never accept that hats are a winter-only accessory, and this cute thang with it's lace and cheery brim is perfect for warmer weather.

Camino Bubbles: If you like color and lace and you're not already acquainted with the work of Kieran Foley, You should remedy that immediately. Because, WOW. 

Northern Line: It's finally the right season for short-sleeved sweaters! Hooray!

Cobweb: Boo Knits' faded palette and delicate lacework absolutely make me swoon (and make me wish, passionately, that I was more into lace knitting. I may just need to suck it up and make a few.)

Hekla: Ah Cirilia, will you ever stop driving us wild with your ridiculously stylish designs? (Probably not.) This one mixes my affection for gradient stripes with my affection for neutrals and basically breaks my heart.

What are you all working on now that warmer days are here? (Or cooler days- you southern hemispherers are just ramping up, I'm sure!)


  1. Ah, I've given up on spring knitting. I tend to just push through with whatever I've got going on. Spring just means more time to prepare for fall fashions. But I might give your Lutine and bivouac a go.

    1. Smart, really. I was explaining to my father-in-law that people don't knit much in summer, and he was like "Well that's stupid, then they won't have hats for fall!" ;-)

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! I've gone lace-crazy of late, and I agree that hats are an always accessory!


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