Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Knit up a party hat, it's a Birthday BOGO Sale!

So I guess I'm turning 28 today, and I must be goin' a little crazy in my ol' age because I thought it'd be fun to celebrate with my first ever all-out Buy-One-Get-One sale!

So here's the deal: For all of today, April 29th (EMT), if you buy any of my individual self-published patterns, you get a second one free. The code is bdaybogo and it'll work once per person, so pick a good 'un!

My pattern shop is here
And my designer page is here (just remember the ones published by third parties don't count ;-) )

Happy my-birthday to you! And here's hoping May is a little nicer than April has been (at least around here.)


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