Thursday, February 6, 2014

One-day Donation Drive for International Gay Rights

The brilliant Bristol Ivy has been organizing a veritable small army of designers to offer up some of their pattern proceeds to benefit gay rights during the Olympics- a small way of doing some good in the face of the human rights violations that have been taking place in Russia lately, causing this year's Olympics in Sochi to leave a bad taste in a lot of our mouths.

There are, quite honestly, not a ton of causes that I feel very passionately about, but this is one of them.

And so, tomorrow, February 7th, the day of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in Sochi, I will be donating 50% of the proceeds from any of my stranded colorwork patterns to the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission (many designers are offering rainbow patterns but I didn't have time to crank one out, so... this is the next best, I figure! Hooray for colors!)

These patterns include:

New to colorwork? Don't be intimidated, it's really not that bad! All of these patterns only require you to use two colors at a time, and Zam, Chevzam, and Phoncible never have you strand over more than a few stitches at a time. If you just want a little taste, Snoway only has a few rows of colorwork, and Varia and Pétoncle have just a few more. A Most Bespeckled just has a few polka dots, and is great for people who want more practice controlling their tension! There are tons of tutorials on youtube to get you started off right :-) 

Let's paint the town rainbow, y'all!

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