Monday, January 6, 2014

It's Mah Fave!!

Many years ago (okay like, 4) I knit a hat that looked just like this. In fact, you might say it looked like this: 

That hat rapidly became my go-to. I own, at last count, over 100 hats...and I still reach for this one 9 times out of 10. At least. Part of it is probably that my wardrobe is primarily gray and black, and a nearly-black hat is super easy to match. Part of it is that it has the perfect, face-flattering amount of slouch. I can even hide my hair it in without it looking all weird and lumpy. On really cold days, it even works great as a second layer on top of another hat.

Oh hello pointy halloween bangs!

ANYWAY.... at the time, I didn't write up the pattern. I don't know why. I was a foolish newb. I tried to recreate it with Meriwether but (all due respect to the aforementioned) it just wasn't the same.

Finally, driven to a panic by the fact that my most treasured hat was about to fuzz and felt beyond the point where I could count the stitches, I decided to track down the exact same yarn (Alpaca With a Twist Highlander in Blackthorn) and make it a younger, less ragged twin. And this time, a pattern would be had. Oh yes. Everyone should have a good, reliable fave in their wardrobe ;-) And here we are!

Check out Fave on Ravelry here... or you can buy now!

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