Saturday, December 7, 2013

Knitter's Gift Guide

It's that lovely time of year for filling up your wishlist with knitterly goods (and boots, if you're me. Always boots.) If you're lucky, maybe you even have other knitters to shop for (oh what fun!) I thought I'd round up a few goodies to recommend- yarn and needles are pretty obvious so I only put a liitttttle yarn in, hehe.

Clockwise from top left corner:

Herschel Supply Little America Backpack
I know they're pandering to me with their faux-retro-sentimental vibe but I totally eat it up. This one's great for knitters because it's low on yarn-catching zippers, but they have dozens of covetable styles and colors... included this new collection with knitted accents.

Loopy Mango Big Loop Yarn
This one is definitely a splurge, but it's so cooool. I'd love to give mega-giant yarn a whirl someday, but alas, not in the budget at the moment.

Knitterella "Winter Knitter" Notecard
Knitterella has tons of stationary-type goodies for knitters (including some charmingly sassy gift tags) but this sweet little doodle is my favorite.

Piccadilly, Inc Leatherlook Notebook
This is the exact notebook I use for designing. I'm not sure why I like it, exactly, but I do. It's got that smooth, pliable cover like a Moleskine, but more reasonably priced. Looks nice, feels nice, pretty durable, has a little ribbon bookmark... pretty much just checks off all my boxes. I'm on my second one, having filled up the first (which, weirdly, had a stiffer cover...I prefer the bendy one though.)

Oh Sew Betty Chevron Clutch
Oh Sew Betty is a local crafter who has the cutest dang clutches. I love this dyed linen one too... perfect for notions or small projects.

Triggertrap hooks your smartphone up to your DSLR to give you way more control than your usual remote trigger. Awesome for photographing FOs when no one else is around! Plus it has cool tricks like sound trigger or motion trigger, so you could, say, shout or clap or jump in the air to take the picture. Waaant.

Fashionary Notebooks
Great for designers, though I've used mine most when deciding how to style things for photoshoots! Each page has a lightly printed croquis (a body figure) printed on it so you can draw your garments on top of it. Indispensable for design submissions- it makes your sketches look way more pro with a minimum of effort.

Black Trillium Fibre Studio Gradient Kit
Black Trillium has been killing it with the gradients lately. And by "it" I mean "me", killing me, because I WANT THEM ALLLLL.

And in the center:

Tape Measure Bracelet
Because being on the go is no excuse for not checking your gauge! (Okay, granted, the ones made out of vintage tape measures like this one here are probably a bit inaccurate because they stretch over time...but better than nothing, and they look nice! These things are all over etsy so you could probably find a newer, more accurate one if you wanted to. They'd be easy to DIY too!)

Other suggestions.... Cooperative Press has a ton of great new books out (Doomsday Knits isn't quite out yet but is available for preorder, and should be out before Christmas). I couldn't pick just one to stuff in the overcrowded collage, so...yeah. Brooklyn Tweed is still selling those adorable sweater cards.  And have you looked at the Ravelry minimart lately? They've got some super cute project bags, (and nail polish!) Oh I could go on..... maybe I need to do a volume 2.

So what'd I miss? What's on your guys's lists this year? 

(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with or sponsored by any of these products and I've only used some of them personally... it's just stuff I think is cool!) 

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