Sunday, December 1, 2013

Doomvember: Filled with Dread and a Recap!

Well here we are, safely on the other side of Doomvember, mostly intact (I hope.) The digital version of Doomsday Knits will be dropping any day now (we're in the super-final-double-checking-everything stage). In addition to the patterns you just saw, the book includes lots of reviews and recommendations for apocalyptic media, and even a few survival tips. Oh, and one last not-quite-knit project, tucked away in the "Kill All Humans" chapter...


You can't be a punked-out cyberbabe without technicolor dreads! And luckily for us knitters, wool is the material of choice for faux-dreads (not just among crafty types, either- this stuff is punk approved.) The truly hardcore dreadfallers felt individual ropes of wool roving for a super custom look, but these dreads use Colinette Point Five, a pure wool thick-and-thin yarn (along with some glowing jelly yarn and tulle scraps) for a slightly less labor-intensive route. And yes, there are "how to attach them to your head" instructions in the book too ;-) 

And with that, the tour is now officially over. Did you miss some posts? No matter, I can catch you up right now:

10/31- Fallout- Dull Roar
11/1- Fatigued- Not So Granny
11/2- Grom-Mitts- Guest post by Brenda K.B. Anderson on Dull Roar
11/3- Circuit- Spillyjane Knits
11/4- Desert Warrior- A Pile of Sheep
11/5- Alternating Current- Dull Roar
11/6- Fennec- Knitted Alternately On a Sofa
11/7- Ringmaster- Theatre of Yarns
11/8- Apocketmitts- Flossie Knits
11/9- Oxygenate- MLemmons Designs
11/10- I Was a Teenaged Mutant- Dull Roar
11/11- Fission- Through the Looking Glass
11/12- Long Road Ahead - Katherine Vaughan Designs
11/13- Ozone- Guest post by Rebecca Zicarelli on Dull Roar
11/14- Thrumviator- PDXKnitterati
11/15- Oh Bondage! - Dull Roar
11/16- Utility Corset- Thorn Maiden
11/17- Bulletproof- guest post by Alexandra Virgiel on Dull Roar
11/18- Ditch the Tech- DovieJay Knits
11/19- Oryx- The Knitting Vortex
11/20- Wayfarer- Knitting Like Crazy
11/21- Lunar Progression- Argent Gal Designs
11/22- Forager- Dull Roar
11/23- Rattlebone- Sarah Bear Crafts
11/24- Baby's First Principles- Republic of Yarn
11/25- Alpaca-lypse- Baah Baah & Black Sheep
11/26- Quaintrelle- Sillylittlelady's
11/27- Survivor- Guest post by Mara Marzocchi on Dull Roar
11/28- Suture- Dull Roar
11/29- Battle Ready- Guest Post by Suesan Roth on Dull Roar
11/30- Technologica- Dull Roar

And once more (with feeling!)... you can learn more about Doomsday Knits or preorder a copy over at Cooperative Press. The digital version will be out later this month, with paper following soon after. You can also preorder (and check out all the patterns in one place) over on Ravelry. 

And finally, one more big huge THANK YOU to the photographer, Vivian Aubrey, and to all the models- Katy, Ruby, Emily, and Kelsy (and also Lee for her assistance on set!)

Whew! Okay! I'll shut up about the apocalypse for a little while now ;-) Til the book comes out, anyway...


  1. I think that 2nd photo might be my favorite. Awesome!

    1. Haha, I think that's the most embarassing photo in the book ;) Of me, at least.


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