Saturday, November 9, 2013

News and things!

So many things I keep meaning to blog about and failing.

First- a reminder that you can still get all my individual patterns for 25% off as part of the Indie Design Gift-a-long until November 15th. (The knit/crochet-along portion goes until the end of the year, but discounts end on the 15th.)

Second- you can still win some Erika Knight yarn until the 14th!

Third- the most recent installment of the "Sexy Roar" Fiber Factor Recap is up at long last (eep, sorry for the delay- there was a lot of sickness and travel in there!) Almost time for the next one, though!

And finally- I've had some patterns come out lately that I haven't had a chance to post about!

The first is Causey, a self-pub that you can find on Ravelry here :-)

It's a simple design, based on a hat I knit years ago that has gotten a lot of requests for a pattern. So, here it is :-)

The rest are parts of various kits and clubs! Which of course means I didn't get good photographs of them before I sent them off, because that's just my way.

The first is Foothills, put out by Dream in Color. You can buy the pattern by itself, but it's designed to go along with some of their mini-skeins so I believe it'll be available in kits at some point. The original sample involved a full rainbow of colors, but they reknit the cowl in pinks to coordinate with the hat, which I'll admit I like better as well ;-)

Next up is one I did for the Woolgirl Poet's Club:

(The photo is by my pal Vivian Aubrey! Yay fun!)

The sample they photographed appears to be a bit taller than mine, which I only have this messy-house-cell-phone-picture of:

But you get the idea. I was lucky enough to snag the Edgar Allen Poe month, which featured "The Raven". Since I was working with a pretty variegated yarn, I went for this feathery pattern that I figured would show it off well. I really want to make myself a version in a nice semi-solid almost-black though!

And finally, a pattern for the Twisted Shawlette Club:

This shawl, Rip Curl, has a really neat cresting-wave shape that seems sort of odd in theory but actually wears really well, because the little hook end tucks in nicely and holds the whole thing on. And the Hazel Knits Entice MCN is diiiivine.

Both of these last two patterns will be available for sale in a few months, after the period of exclusivity :-)


  1. Sooooo many things for one blog post, and all of them interesting and completely different. Foothills is super cool. Would you believe me if I told you I designed a hat that looks a smidge like Causey, in an eerily similar colorway, but the construction and gauge are completely different?

    1. Ooooh cute! Maybe it's the big sunglasses but it has sort of a Russian vamp vibe ;-)

  2. You've been busy! I like all your projects, but am particularly smitten with the textures on Causey and your Raven-inspired hats. Beautiful!


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