Saturday, November 30, 2013

Doomvember: Technologica

Here we are, on the last day of Doomvember (well, pretty much... we'll get to that.) This pattern is probably my favorite of the ones I designed for Doomsday Knits, probably because it makes me feel like Judy Jetson-gone-badass.

Meet Technologica. As you can probably guess if you've been following along at home, this one is part of the "Kill All Humans" robot-rebellion-singularity-technopocalypse. 

Technologica features significant waist-shaping on the back to really cling to your curves, and a vaguely Aeon-Fluxian chest slit to balance the mock turtleneck with a peek of skin. Itty-bitty cap sleeves leave your arms free for maximum movement, and edges are left raw and rolled for just a touch of that retro-futurism-rings-look.

The yarn is Austermann Merino Silk which was sadly discontinued at some point while the book was in editing (blast!!) But anything smooth and worsted weight will do just fine- a little silk adds some extra slink and luxury. Madelinetosh Pashmina Worsted would be a gorgeous sub. 

^ The best my butt has ever looked in a photograph. Which isn't saying much, 
since it's almost entirely in shadow, but I'll take it. Go Vivian go! 

Weeellllp, that about wraps it up! Thank you so much for joining us on this month-long Doomstravaganza! Tomorrow I have a surprise bonus project for you (hint, it involves yarn, but no knitting) and a Doomvember recap with links to all the posts. You can also check out all the patterns on the Ravelry source page (if you preorder there, the book will pop into your library as soon as it's available.) 

ALSO, TODAY ONLY: Cooperative Press is having a Small Business Saturday sale and you can get 10% off your purchase with the code "sbs"- that includes Doomsday preorders! Both print and pdf are available for preorder now- the pdf will be out sometime in the next month (we're in the very last editing stages) and the print book will follow shortly after :-) 


  1. Beautiful photos and design! Cat woman is nothing compared to you :)
    Go Alex Go!!

    1. Aw geez, thanks. The highest praise! Haha.

  2. Of the patterns I've seen from Doomsday Knits, this is the one I look most forward to. But I am brand new at knitting. I haven't even had a finished project yet! But I'm still looking forward to this book! I tried looking but may have missed it, will the print version be available through Amazon? Is it soft or hard cover?

    1. Thank you!! I believe they're always soft cover, and will be on Amazon eventually, though I don't think it happens right after the release :-)

    2. Oh okay, because I have seen a couple knitting book pre orders on there I thought I would ask. :D I am very excited for the book though!


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