Friday, November 22, 2013

Doomvember: Forager

Today's Doomvember pattern is one of mine, and *gasp* it's a garment!! (Those rad gloves are in the book too of course, we'll get to those tomorrow ;-) ) 

Meet Forager: 

This pattern was named by Britney Dyer, one of our awesome Kickstarter supporters!

Part of the Wasteland Vagabonds chapter, Forager is a vest and cowl combo garment, asymmetrical and easy as pie, both drapey and airy in a wonderful crepe-y silk called Heichi from Shibui Knits. Perfect for a long ramble through the bombed-out hinterlands in search of something (or someone) to hunt or gather. 

The bandana-pointed cowl neck is detached from the vest, and so each can be worn separately. The vest closes with a shawl pin (or any ole stick you can find out there)- no fussy buttons to pop off and get lost in the wilderness. Originally I thought I'd put sleeves on it but somehow they felt like they'd be too much. Better to keep the arms free for maximum ease of movement, y'know? You never know what you'll run up against out there, you have to be ready to swing that stick at a moment's notice. 

Incidentally, did you know that "a really great stick" is something you can rent from a costume shop? I did not! But it's true! And it's pretty much the only rented object in the whole book, haha. 

A huge thanks to my former boss Emily for wandering around pantless in the cold, making forlorn faces, and to Vivian for the photos (and poor baby Anaiah for riding around on mom's back all day with relatively little protest!) 

You can check out Forager on Ravelry here, and learn more about Doomsday Knits (now up for preorder!) at the Cooperative Press website.

We are about 2/3rds of the way through Doomvember already! My, how time flies. The tour schedule is here, and be sure to check out tomorrow's post about those awesome mitts over at Sarah Bear Crafts!

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