Friday, November 29, 2013

Doomvember: Battle Ready by Suesan Roth

Today we have our last Doomvember guest post, by Suesan Roth. Over to you, Suesan!

Battle Ready is inspired by one of my favorite sci-fi shows – Firefly. I based it off of two of my favorite characters: Zoe who is strong & powerful and Inara who is soft & peaceful. I wanted to combine those characteristics into one brilliant vest.

In my head, I see the woman wearing this vest – let’s say her name is Angel. She’s on Earth looking for survivors after the fall out with her ship hidden and after gathering what supplies she could find – she hears a voice crying for help. Knowing that her vest is reversible, she wears the armor pattern out just in case… It’s the attitude boost she needs to feel tough. It also signals to her crew to come guns blazing. As she approaches she sees a gang of thugs terrorizing some homeless children. "Such jerks," she mutters under her breath. The thugs look up and immediately are attracted to the feminine lines of the vest accenting her curves. Just the distraction she needs as she whips out her weapons of choice, straight metal knitting needles size 12 – hey if you have ever been poked with one of these you know – it hurts. She jumps into action, because the vest has high slits on the sides she is able to kick butt without restraint. Will the vest survive the battle? Yes, it’s not made with just any yarn but with the finest Malabrigo Arroyo 100% Superwash Merino Wool yarn which everyone knows is super soft and extra durable. Enemies down, she hurries to the scared children and says, "You’re coming with me, and you’re safe now." Heading back to the ship she reverses the vest to the ribbed pattern so her crew will know that all is peaceful, at least for now…

Whether you are battling thugs or just the morning rush hour you will look fierce. The vest is worked using a simple puff stitch design and centered increases, which create beautiful lines on the front and back of the vest also giving it the armored appearance. The waist is shaped using increases and decreases on the sides creating an hourglass shape. I used toggle closures that you can find at any craft store or wear this with a large leather belt instead.

Our heroine is putting on the matching gauntlets as she gets her ship ready for space, their new home. Her thoughts are with the children on board, “What can I knit for them…hmmmm?”

Thanks Suesan! You can find Battle Ready on Ravelry here! Or, as I'm sure you know by now, learn more about Doomsday Knits or preorder a copy over at Cooperative Press.  Just one more day of Doomvember left!

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