Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Doomvember: Alternating Current

Today's Doomvember pattern is Alternating Current!

(which I keep wanting to spell "Alternating Currant"...mm, sounds delicious.) 

AC is a tall zig-zag cowl knit with Black Trillium Fibre Studio's Pebble Worsted in the gorgeously neon "Lightning Bug" colorway and the near-black "Inkwell." When I saw those colors (which happened to be right by each other in the Black Trillium online color catalog) I knew I had to do something electric with them- perfect for the cyber-punky, robot-uprising "Kill All Humans" chapter.

And yes, that is a Bender reference. 

Styling tip: It's not actually a great idea to buy super awesome space-stripper shoes for an photograph where you only need to show off a cowl... but they really are awesome. 

The cowl is knit flat, sideways, using a dead-simple striped zig-zag pattern. It's finished off with a three-needle bind off on the outside of the work, which leaves it with one big, bold, 3-D stripe- not something you notice at first glance, but a neat little detail. It's long enough to pull up over your head (for a cozy cyber-babushka look) or just wear it scrunched around your neck to keep out the chill. (If it's actually cold, though, you may consider wearing a shirt that has shoulders.)

You can find Alternating Current on Ravelry here. Yippee! We'd love it if you'd join us for the rest of the Doomvember tour- tomorrow we head to Sharon Fuller's blog for some desert-nomad-ish goodness. 

Doomsday Knits will be released in digital form (with paper to follow) in December- you can preorder the book right now through Cooperative Press! 


  1. I so want this in violently hot pink and dark, dirty grey. Swoon.

  2. The shoes are indeed to swoon for. And I love the 3-needle bind off - I can just see it now that you point it out.

  3. DH and I love Futurama! Too bad it's officially over. Love the cowl too. Could knit with the new Mal Fluo, right? (sjn821)


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