Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zam Hat!

When Chevzam was released, there was a cry from some corners for a matching hat- of course! How obvious! I can't believe the hat didn't come first, quite honestly.

Zam Hat 

 Introducing the Zam Hat!

  Zam Hat 

Zam comes in three sizes to fit pretty much any older-child-through-adult head (normally I feel that hats are flexible enough not to need a lot of sizes, but extensive colorwork makes the fabric less stretchy and forgiving.) The colorwork is simpler than it looks, and is great for first-timers since you're only ever carrying a strand over two stitches (which means it's easier to keep the tension steady.) Malabrigo Worsted in a particularly forgiving yarn for colorwork, as well, and comes in a crazy range of colors for an endless number of possibilities. (Sidenote, I am LOVING stalking the Chevzam and Zam projects to see all the color combos. So much pretty!!)

 Zam Hat 

You can check out Zam Hat on Ravelry here, or:


  1. Your blog! She look so pretty! Makes me want to spiff things up as well...Oh! and nice hat :)

    1. Thanks, it's the same layout as cafblog, haha- I'll probably be making a new header at some point, I think it's time to retire the phonograph :-P


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