Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I should be knitting

But, see, first the drain in our basement backed up, and then the plumber opened every possible pipe and tracked sewer sludge all over the place, and then I dropped my phone on the stairs where he'd been walking, and I was like "Oh shit (literally), now my case is gross" and rather than bother trying to sanitize it I figured I'd bust out the replacement one that I bought almost a year ago and finally get crackin' on it....

...but sort of lazily and without any real charting.

I also made this. I don't know why.

I wanted to cross stitch the most inappropriate and unlikely phrase-to-be-cross-stitched ever, and that's what came to mind. Starting to understand why people earburn me in Ravelry conversations about profanity, though.


  1. I think our cross stitching goes well together...

    1. Ahahahaha... if I am at level 1 of dirty cross-stitching, you are at like, level 10. NICE.

  2. this made my day:) I've always wanted to cross stitch really inappropriate sh*t really pretty like ... so people are like, "Oh that's lovely!.... and it says f*ck."

  3. Awesome. Just awesome. Both the case and the random embroidery made me laugh out loud!


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