Thursday, October 31, 2013

Doomvember: Fallout

We're kicking off Doomvember on this fine Halloween morn with a decidedly spooky pattern- Fallout!

The very attentive among you may have noticed that our cover pattern, Fallout, actually snuck on to Ravelry a few weeks ago so that we could set up the source page ;-) But now finally, I get to blabber about it!

Fallout is part of the Nuclear Winter section of the book. I was trying to think of a warm, practical, but still slightly eerie accessory. The Knit Collage Pixie Dust Mini, with its combination of warm natural wool and decidedly-unnatural sparkle, seemed to fit the bill and this strange-yet-useful hooded cowl was born. A short-row shaped yoke helps it tuck into your shirt comfortably to keep out the drafts, and the relatively small face-hole is just enough to let you see and breathe (and fits a gas mask nicely!)

Double hoodie!

I have plans to knit up another version of this in a chunky merino, for maximum winter warm-osity. Then I will sled, probably. And ponder how happy I am that winter is currently occupying only 1/4th of the year. Personally, I really hope we go with Global Warming instead (if we have to pick one) because I really hate being cold... and irradiated...

So that is Fallout, and it is pleased to make your acquaintance! Please stay tuned for the rest of our tour- on the next stop we'll be visiting warmer climes with Joanne Scrace's Fatigued, over on her blog tomorrow.

You can see the full tour schedule here.
And Doomsday Knits is available for preorder from Cooperative Press here! (The digital version hits in December, books shortly thereafter!)

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  1. I've already had someone ask me to make this for them as a winter biking accessory! Go Doomsday, go!


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