Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days Hath Doomvember

As you may be aware because I rarely shut up about it, Doomsday Knits will be out soon! December, to be precise (for the digital edition- print will follow shortly.) As we creep up on release day, we've decided to do a pre-launch blog tour in order to give each pattern (and each designer!) a moment in the (cold, debris-muted) sun.

Starting on October 31st (because there aren't actually 31 days in November, unfortunately) we'll be releasing a new pattern to Ravelry each day and giving it a feature on the designer's blog (or here on Dull Roar, for the designers who don't maintain a blog of their own.) For those of you eagerly waiting to see the full collection, this it it!! Please do follow along with us- not only will you get to check out these stellar designs, you may just find your new favorite designer (or your new favorite knit blog!)

Doomvember Schedule

10/31- Fallout- Dull Roar (ie, here!)
11/1- Fatigued- Not So Granny
11/2- Grom-Mitts- Guest post by Brenda K.B. Anderson on Dull Roar
11/3- Circuit- Spillyjane Knits
11/4- Desert Warrior- A Pile of Sheep
11/5- Alternating Current- Dull Roar
11/6- Fennec- Knitted Alternately On a Sofa
11/7- Ringmaster- Theatre of Yarns
11/8- Apocketmitts- Flossie Knits
11/9- Oxygenate- MLemmons Designs
11/10- I Was a Teenaged Mutant- Dull Roar
11/11- Fission- Through the Looking Glass
11/12- Long Road Ahead - Katherine Vaughan Designs
11/13- Ozone- Guest post by Rebecca Zicarelli on Dull Roar
11/14- Thrumviator- PDXKnitterati
11/15- Oh Bondage! - Dull Roar
11/16- Utility Corset- Thorn Maiden
11/17- Bulletproof- write up by Alexandra Virgiel on Dull Roar
11/18- Ditch the Tech- DovieJay Knits
11/19- Oryx- The Knitting Vortex
11/20- Wayfarer- Knitting Like Crazy
11/21- Lunar Progression- Argent Gal Designs
11/22- Forager- Dull Roar
11/23- Rattlebone- Sarah Bear Crafts
11/24- Baby's First Principles- Republic of Yarn
11/25- Alpaca-lypse- Baah Baah & Black Sheep
11/26- Quaintrelle- Sillylittlelady's
11/27- Survivor- Guest post by Mara Marzocchi on Dull Roar
11/28- Suture- Dull Roar
11/29- Battle Ready- Guest Post by Suesan Roth on Dull Roar
11/30- Technologica- Dull Roar

I really can't even express how totally blown away I am by the talent in this book- I absolutely love it and I think you guys will too! The book is currently available for Pre-order on the Cooperative Press website, should you want to nab one in advance ;-) 


  1. Ahh, how exciting! Looking forward to the blog tour.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you!! I think you'll really like it :-)

  3. Eeeek!! I can't wait to get mine!! The second I backed this up on your Kickstarter page, I've been (im)patiently waiting for my copy!! Can't wait for the blog tour too! :)


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