Thursday, October 31, 2013

Doomvember: Fallout

We're kicking off Doomvember on this fine Halloween morn with a decidedly spooky pattern- Fallout!

The very attentive among you may have noticed that our cover pattern, Fallout, actually snuck on to Ravelry a few weeks ago so that we could set up the source page ;-) But now finally, I get to blabber about it!

Fallout is part of the Nuclear Winter section of the book. I was trying to think of a warm, practical, but still slightly eerie accessory. The Knit Collage Pixie Dust Mini, with its combination of warm natural wool and decidedly-unnatural sparkle, seemed to fit the bill and this strange-yet-useful hooded cowl was born. A short-row shaped yoke helps it tuck into your shirt comfortably to keep out the drafts, and the relatively small face-hole is just enough to let you see and breathe (and fits a gas mask nicely!)

Double hoodie!

I have plans to knit up another version of this in a chunky merino, for maximum winter warm-osity. Then I will sled, probably. And ponder how happy I am that winter is currently occupying only 1/4th of the year. Personally, I really hope we go with Global Warming instead (if we have to pick one) because I really hate being cold... and irradiated...

So that is Fallout, and it is pleased to make your acquaintance! Please stay tuned for the rest of our tour- on the next stop we'll be visiting warmer climes with Joanne Scrace's Fatigued, over on her blog tomorrow.

You can see the full tour schedule here.
And Doomsday Knits is available for preorder from Cooperative Press here! (The digital version hits in December, books shortly thereafter!)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Doomvember Pre-Gaming: Choose Your Apocalypse

While we're waiting for the patterns to roll in, I wanted to share this rather intensive flowchart to help you determine why, exactly, the world is ending at the moment:

(Click to here embiggenate)

Drawn by the talented Lee Devito- and yes, it'll be in the book as well!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Zam Hat!

When Chevzam was released, there was a cry from some corners for a matching hat- of course! How obvious! I can't believe the hat didn't come first, quite honestly.

Zam Hat 

 Introducing the Zam Hat!

  Zam Hat 

Zam comes in three sizes to fit pretty much any older-child-through-adult head (normally I feel that hats are flexible enough not to need a lot of sizes, but extensive colorwork makes the fabric less stretchy and forgiving.) The colorwork is simpler than it looks, and is great for first-timers since you're only ever carrying a strand over two stitches (which means it's easier to keep the tension steady.) Malabrigo Worsted in a particularly forgiving yarn for colorwork, as well, and comes in a crazy range of colors for an endless number of possibilities. (Sidenote, I am LOVING stalking the Chevzam and Zam projects to see all the color combos. So much pretty!!)

 Zam Hat 

You can check out Zam Hat on Ravelry here, or:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

31 Days Hath Doomvember

As you may be aware because I rarely shut up about it, Doomsday Knits will be out soon! December, to be precise (for the digital edition- print will follow shortly.) As we creep up on release day, we've decided to do a pre-launch blog tour in order to give each pattern (and each designer!) a moment in the (cold, debris-muted) sun.

Starting on October 31st (because there aren't actually 31 days in November, unfortunately) we'll be releasing a new pattern to Ravelry each day and giving it a feature on the designer's blog (or here on Dull Roar, for the designers who don't maintain a blog of their own.) For those of you eagerly waiting to see the full collection, this it it!! Please do follow along with us- not only will you get to check out these stellar designs, you may just find your new favorite designer (or your new favorite knit blog!)

Doomvember Schedule

10/31- Fallout- Dull Roar (ie, here!)
11/1- Fatigued- Not So Granny
11/2- Grom-Mitts- Guest post by Brenda K.B. Anderson on Dull Roar
11/3- Circuit- Spillyjane Knits
11/4- Desert Warrior- A Pile of Sheep
11/5- Alternating Current- Dull Roar
11/6- Fennec- Knitted Alternately On a Sofa
11/7- Ringmaster- Theatre of Yarns
11/8- Apocketmitts- Flossie Knits
11/9- Oxygenate- MLemmons Designs
11/10- I Was a Teenaged Mutant- Dull Roar
11/11- Fission- Through the Looking Glass
11/12- Long Road Ahead - Katherine Vaughan Designs
11/13- Ozone- Guest post by Rebecca Zicarelli on Dull Roar
11/14- Thrumviator- PDXKnitterati
11/15- Oh Bondage! - Dull Roar
11/16- Utility Corset- Thorn Maiden
11/17- Bulletproof- write up by Alexandra Virgiel on Dull Roar
11/18- Ditch the Tech- DovieJay Knits
11/19- Oryx- The Knitting Vortex
11/20- Wayfarer- Knitting Like Crazy
11/21- Lunar Progression- Argent Gal Designs
11/22- Forager- Dull Roar
11/23- Rattlebone- Sarah Bear Crafts
11/24- Baby's First Principles- Republic of Yarn
11/25- Alpaca-lypse- Baah Baah & Black Sheep
11/26- Quaintrelle- Sillylittlelady's
11/27- Survivor- Guest post by Mara Marzocchi on Dull Roar
11/28- Suture- Dull Roar
11/29- Battle Ready- Guest Post by Suesan Roth on Dull Roar
11/30- Technologica- Dull Roar

I really can't even express how totally blown away I am by the talent in this book- I absolutely love it and I think you guys will too! The book is currently available for Pre-order on the Cooperative Press website, should you want to nab one in advance ;-) 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I should be knitting

But, see, first the drain in our basement backed up, and then the plumber opened every possible pipe and tracked sewer sludge all over the place, and then I dropped my phone on the stairs where he'd been walking, and I was like "Oh shit (literally), now my case is gross" and rather than bother trying to sanitize it I figured I'd bust out the replacement one that I bought almost a year ago and finally get crackin' on it....

...but sort of lazily and without any real charting.

I also made this. I don't know why.

I wanted to cross stitch the most inappropriate and unlikely phrase-to-be-cross-stitched ever, and that's what came to mind. Starting to understand why people earburn me in Ravelry conversations about profanity, though.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stitch Mountain Hat

This isn't up on Ravelry yet, but it's up on the Stitch Mountain website so I think it's probably safe to share....


Simple as it is, this is one of my favorite hats that I've ever knit. The Rowan Lima (baby alpaca with a touch of merino and nylon) is both lofty and just a bit drapey, and just sits so well. It's somehow... airy. But also warm and soft. Too bad I had to send it to the publisher ;-P



As you can see on the site, you can also wear it with the hem side out as a sort of contrasty stripe deal.

Incidentally, does anyone else notice a pattern here?


Publishers love to put me in magenta! I've got nothin' against the color, but it's starting to get kinda eerie.

UPDATE: Here's the Ravelry link!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October Stockpile Sale

It's October Stockpile over in the Malabrigo Junkies Ravelry group, and you know what that means... big ole sales!!

All of my individual Malabrigo patterns AND ebooks are on sale, this time around! Full details are here (and lots of promos from other great designers too!)

Happy fall! Yippeee!!


Guest Post on CAF by Vanessa of Mixed Martial Arts and Crafts

Just what the title says! Normally I don't cross-post but this one is pretty relevant to knitters so, if you've got a mo, please do stop by ;-)

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