Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I know we're *just* now getting to the good part of fall up here in the northern-hemisphere-temperate-zones, but winter's just around the corner! Fend off the snowy day blues with a goofy (and cozy) lil' cap:


Are those tassels AND a pompom I see? YOU EMMING EFFING KNOW IT, EMMER EFFERS! And a cute little mini snowy mountain range to dance around your skull.


The super long earflaps can be wrapped around to make an impromptu scarf, or (more likely) used to swat people around you until you drive them crazy.

 Check out Snoway on Ravelry here, or

(As a fun aside, this hat is based on a few of my veeeery very old creations: This so-called Cyborg Hat, and this Geode Hat/Scarf. Just to give you a few variations to play with ;-) )


  1. Aaaahhh, this is so cute! I want to swat people with the earflaps!

  2. Yup...that struck a note with me too...

    Suhweeet! ;-B


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