Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Adventure Knitting! (C'mon grab your friends, go to very distant lands...)

(Sorry 'bout that, we've been gorging on Adventure Time since they put it on Netflix. Come a looong withhh meee.....)

Lee "Leethal" Meredith recently offered to let me check out her newest crazy endeavor- Adventure Knitting! It took me awhile to get around to it, but the other day I was grumpy because I drove all the way across town to try Trader Joe's Cookie Butter and they were sold out, so I decided to take the afternoon off from working and finally give it a whirl (yes, that is actually how my brain works.  I am a child.)

The first thing to know about Lee is that she's pretty much a genius. I remember being totally wowed by her awesome swirly patterns when I first started designing (and still am, honestly) and I'm sure I made a right ass of myself when I first met her, 'cause like, OMG, Leethal! But in any case- whenever I look at one of Lee's patterns, my eyes sort of bug out of my head at the sheer brilliance of it all. Short rows! Slipped stitches! Colors! Cables that turn into i-cords! It's nuts!

The second thing to know is that she is THOROUGH, in the absolute best way. Most of her patterns have more than one variation- different gauges and sizes and shapes and colors and stitch patterns, oh my! The Adventure Knitting ebook is 44 pages long, organized nicely so that you can print off the parts you need, or just use it on the computer, and even includes a mini-booklet print out so you can actually make a tiny little book.

Adventure Knitting takes you through a series of decisions, tied to a fictional walk in the woods. Do you want to take the Orange Trail (and knit a hat)? Perhaps the Green Byway is more your speed. I didn't have a ton of time, so I took the Gold Route to a coffee sleeve (which I made a little wider to fit my water bottle.) I decided to use up some leftover Madelinetosh Vintage- I'm not sure I love the color combo I ended up with, but they looked nice together in the balls, and at least it matches the bottle...

Then I climbed a Birch Tree, Checked out Camp and walked the Footpath (I think you're supposed to pick just one, but I got greedy, heh), and wrapped up my trip by walking the Twisty Road. Just a short project, but enough to see how crazy-many places this booklet can lead to. Check out the projects on Ravelry for a tiny taste of the possibilities- there are some real stunners!! I'm in love with a few of these stitch patterns (the "Camp" one especially, and I love the twisty bind off....) It was also a good introduction to Leethal's Sideways Edge Cast-on, which I'd read about but hadn't tried yet. Super clever!

Anywho, you can go on your own adventure here (and don't forget to check out the rest of Lee's site- it's a happy bright party time of pretty!) Thanks for letting me give it a whirl, Lee!!

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