Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Fiber Factor Challenge 3 Sexy Roar Recap!

And we're back! We missed doing a pre-game before this challenge because Sarah and I were both moving into new houses and stuff got a little crazy, but that's okay- we're re-hashin' anyway! With a wee discussion about the next challenge at the end ;-)

Not familiar with the Fiber Factor? Educate yo'self here! Think "Project Runway for Knitters done via Youtube" (So, awesome.) For recaps of earlier challenges, you can catch up #1, #1.5, and #2

Thanks again to the folks at Skacel for letting us use their pictures and putting on the whole shebang, and nice job, contestants- there were a lot of good things going on in this round (and a ton of untapped potential, too, which I hope we'll see expanded in the future when the designers have more time and more colors!)

As always, we'd love to have you guys weigh in too- what'd you love? What'd you hate? Did we get it all horribly wrong?

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