Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fiber Factor Challenge 2 Recap!

Apologies for the background noise and lag and such- Sarah had some technical difficulties along the lines of "Comcast is a huge pain in the ass" this week, but we bravely limped along anyway. Anyway- if any of my comments come way later than they should, or fuzz out completely  that's why! (I'm also not convinced that my headset mic was working... can you tell we're podcast noobs?)

I also just want to say to the designers involved: we have SO much respect for what you do, and you are gutsy as hell to put your work out there to be poked and prodded. Just because something isn't to my or Sarah's taste doesn't mean it's not awesome, and certainly doesn't reflect on your skill as a knitter and designer (it's pretty obvious that everyone in this competition is mad skilled!) I know we can be harsh critics sometimes- and there was quite a bit in this challenge that we weren't super into- but don't let it get you down or think we're attacking you as people or designers, 'cause you're all rad. Sarah made a comment that may or may not have made it through editing (I haven't given it all a listen again yet) to the effect of "everyone's customer is out there, you just have to find them" and that is very true.

(Nevermind the fact that I have NO idea what kind of boxy colorwork sweater I could whip out in less than a month! Trying to nail perfect proportions for a body that is a different size than your own is SO hard, and this sort of sweater relies pretty heavily on perfect proportioning!)


  1. These recaps are so great! It's really interesting to hear what actual knitwear designers have to say about the patterns and judging process.

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