Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Favorites

The Friday Favorites crew has sort of fallen all over the place and I think we might all be on different weeks now, but no matter- I'm just going to keep pushing through on whatever weeks I remember to do it!

Favorite shade of blue: 

Probably this one

Something about this exact crayon absolutely entranced me as a kid. It's bright, but not too bright, and with just a touch of green, but only slightly...and so rich... I loved it. I still love it. Closely followed by the color of cobalt glass. I'm really funny about blues, though- they have to be pretty exact. I love cobalt, but hate royal. I also really like labradorite but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count as a single color. 

Favorite genre (of any type of storytelling, movie, book, etc.): 

Man, that's a tough one. I guess recently I've veered towards very subtle sci-fi/fantasy: The Magicians, Cloud Atlas, etc. Things that are technically sci-fi but which are a lot more elegant than your standard mass-market paperback about space. Magical realism maybe? I don't know. I also like regular ole contemporary fiction. And I like everything a little on the dark and doomy side.


  1. That was my favorite crayon too! I never used it though. I didn't want to run out.

  2. Me too! I think I always wanted to eat it...


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