Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites: Fibers & Blogs (&bits&bits&bits)

Woohoo, look at me back on schedule!

Favorite Fiber: 
No brainer, has to be merino. I'd say 99% of the yarn I use is merino or a merino blend. Superwash or fuzzy single-ply, IDGAF, just give me that sweet soft sheepy goodness.


Favorite Blogs: 
Oooohhh boy now you've opened a can of worms. I'm going to get crazy and not even list the knitting blogs.  - people who are probably younger, prettier, and live in more exotic places than you, wearing borderline crazy outfits.

Designsponge - people who are probably richer and more stylish than you living in absolutely gorgeous homes

Born to be Wild - people who are probably prettier, hipper, and tanner than you going on wild desert adventures

Haute Macabre - people that are probably gother than you wearing bad ass duds

Adulting - people who are probably better at being an adult than you giving you totally sound advice

Moon to Moon - beautiful hippie houses

No more Dirty Looks - how not to get cancer from your shampoo

See Creatures -prettyprettyprettypretty

And know that when I say "You" I mean "Me", and when I say "Probably" I mean "Almost certainly."

 (Friday Favorites are a weekly thingy that I'm doing with VivianStarLee, and some other folks who have joined in. I'm alternating between this blog and Classy as Fuck, and each week there is a different pair of categories. Let me know if you want in and I'll send you the list!)

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