Thursday, May 9, 2013

Favorite Things Catch-up

You know, I've never been good at keeping weekly commitments. In any case: I'm going to do a quick catch-up of all the ones I've missed, and then I'll do tomorrow's post on Cafblog and we'll call it good ;-)

(You know what the saddest part is? I had a lot of these already written out. All I had to do was post them. Sigh.)

Subject in school: 
Art, surprise! I loved the reading part of English but wasn’t crazy about writing papers. I have a degree in Psychology, but I don’t think of that as being a standard “school subject” since there was only one or two classes in high school. Plus, I was always an artsy kid- right up until I went to art school and they started wanting my work to "mean" things. Then I realized I was a design-y kid. Aesthetics in, "feelings" out. (Hashtag: witheredblackheart) I don't have any of my school-art handy, but in high school I was mostly into photography, and also did a lot of scanner portraits:


Yes, as in, I stuck my face in the scanner. Doesn't work on newer scanners, trust me, I've tried, but my parents old one was great. Also check it out, here's a photo of our kitchen that I took ten years before it became our kitchen (this house used to be rented out to a friend's dad, and before that belonged to my grandmother.)


Whoa. Oh, also, I used to put those borders on everything. Though it made it look mad pro. 

Board game/game to play with a partner or group:
We just bought Cards Against Humanity and it’s kind of a blast- it's like Apples to Apples but super dirty. Like, offensively so. I have also had some good times playing those sleazy bachelorette party “I Never...” card games, though. I only recommend those if you want to get your friends drunk and reeeally get to know them. Heh. In general, though, I'm not super into board or card games- I'd rather sit and talk.


Favorite old movie (before, say, 1965):
Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m a sucker. I realize it has almost nothing to do with the book (which I also like) but Audrey Hepburn is just so darn excellent in it. When I used to drink more, I often slipped into Holly-speak while drunk. Feel free to psychoanalyze that.


Favorite children’s book: 
Watership Down. Is that really a children’s book? Kids read it, because it’s about rabbits, and I read it pretty young. But it’s pretty dark. It’s one of the few books I’ve actually read more than once (and very nearly the only one I’ve read more than twice.) The movie is extremely horrifying- I think this poster was specifically designed to scare kids away. I've been wanting a black rabbit of Inle tattoo for awhile now.


Ecological sin (being things that are deleterious to our planet’s resources but that you enjoy anyway): 
Central heating, long hot baths, and pointless drives. At least I recycle...? 

Bogus swear word (when in mixed company): 
I am terrible at censoring myself and shouldn't be allowed around children. But the one I use most often is probably “fricken” or “friggin” (though I just learned that “frigging” has quite the dirty past.) But my favorite has to be that of my former high school English teacher/part-time-pastor who, rather than take Jesus’s name in vain, would yell “JUDAS PRIEST!” (He wasn't my pastor, just to clarify. I was a wild-haired heathen. But he was a pastor.) 

Favorite woodland creature: 
Well I already talked about how I like deer, so...maybe foxes. They remind me of Ruperts. But sly-er. I also like tiny birdies. (Incidentally, foxes remind me of one of my grandmothers and tiny birdies remind me of the other. Huh.) 

Favorite tree: 
I am botanically-un-gifted and can barely tell most trees apart, but I do love a good weeping willow... especially now that I just read this on wikipedia: “In English folklore, a willow tree is believed to be quite sinister, capable of uprooting itself and stalking travellers.” I like paper birches too- we used to have some at the house I grew up in and I would fantasize about turning them into canoes. I think I tried to make a tiny mini canoe out of some bark once..."tried" being the operative word, there.

Whew! Okay! NEXT! 


  1. ugh, I love Watership Down. What a fracked up children's book. I reread it recently and caught a part where female bunnies reabsorb their fetal babies because the warren is starving and can't afford more babies. NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK. Loved the movie too.

    1. It's only a children's book if you want your kids to be TOTAL HARDCORE BADASSES WOOO!!! Toughen 'em right up! ;-P

      Naw I think I probably read it in 7th/8th grade, and that was an okay time though I'm sure I missed a lot of the subtleties and larger implications. I just saw the movie recently though and even now it's freaky as hell.

  2. Ditto Watership Down, I love that book! Hazel is my hero. And this joke: 'what did the leaf say to the blade of grass? Eek! A Rabbit!' Apparently that passes for rabbit humor.

    And heh, that was the last bachelorette party I've been invited to...tmi?

    1. Oh I don't even remember what you divulged, it's all blended into a sordid hazy of filth, haha.


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