Friday, April 5, 2013

Doomsday Preview: Nuclear Winter

I had to miss out on the nuclear power plant trip (*sob*) because I'm still recovering from some quite unpleasant food poisoning :-( But Vivian and my sister/model Katy (and her boyf who was there to lend a hand) knocked it out quite well without me, despite the freezing cold and rain. Quite apocalyptic indeed!


  1. love the site! boo to food poisoning!

  2. haha, we (almost) have the same post! yours is a little lighter on the doom, though, I guess I'm still recovering from my experience :)

  3. That zig zag going up the side is a stairway, right? That thing is huge! But really, I thought I was going to see knitting, Alex. I hope you're feeling better!


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