Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tutorial: Doing a Yarn Over the Right Way

Okay, major pet peeve time:

SO MANY learn-to-knit resources, be they videos or books, explain yarn overs in a way that is confusing and leads people to think that the stitch after the yarn over is actually part of the yarn over. Usually it's something like "bring the yarn to the front of the needle, knit the next stitch." Which, if you're knitting English style, will cause you to sort of half-accidentally make a yarn over followed by a knit stitch.

This is annoying for several reasons:

1. That is a "yo, k1" NOT a "yo", and therefore will totally throw off your stitch count.
2. It really only works if you knit English style
3. You don't HAVE to follow a yo with a knit stitch. It could be followed with a purl, or a decrease, or... anything, really.

I guess the people teaching think this method is easier to demonstrate/explain than just... wrapping the yarn over the needle. But I get sooo many emails from frustrated new-ish knitters (or new to yarn overs, anyway) wondering why they aren't getting the right number of stitches and it is almost always because whoever or whatever taught them to yarn over, taught them using this flawed method and they are actually doing a "yo, k1" whenever the pattern says to do a "yo." Back when I worked in an LYS, we had a lot of customers with the same issue. It's a downright epidemic of misinformation! So, I figured a video tute was long overdue.

(BTW, if my tone sounds exasperated, it's not because of you, dear knitter, but because of all the instructional resources that should really know better. Don't set beginning knitters up for unnecessary frustration! Geez!)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Style your Knits: Fooler A Faker 3 Ways

After the last two rounds, I got pretty excited about minty-seafoamy colors, so I thought we'd work on something pastelly today- the pink version of Fooler A Faker.

Fooler A Faker 2

Something about mixing girly colors with slightly punky details/shapes/pants really appeals to me.

Fooler A Faker

This one's a bit mellower. Good for school or work, if you're one of those people who dresses nicely for school and work.

Fooler a faker 3

Aaaaand super casual. I put a kitty in for all you cat people who spoke up after the set with the pomeranian ;-)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Operation Doomsday Day #Whatever: Cyber, Dandies, and Misc

I didn't have much time to take preview shots during today's shoot, I was running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything done in the four hours we had the studio for (sure, it sounds like a lot of time, but don't let it trick you.)

As you can see, Anaiah helped.

And speaking of Anaiah, here's her daisy crown from the beach

And my "dirty nails" manicure (it's all polish but that didn't stop me from feeling paranoid about touching food with my hands.) 

Boots that I can finally wear now that the shoot is done!

Twisted! My old stompin' grounds. It looks way different- they've managed to squeeze in even more stuff but make it look even more wide open. Amazing!

Thats my dog on their fridge!

This is their ongoing gauge experiment- each employee knits a swatch with the same yarn on same needles (I think mine is the top, second from right. I'm a tight knitter apparently.) If you weren't already convinced that checking your gauge is important, you should be!

Michele loaned me a ukulele to see me through the two weeks without my own (frankly this one is much nicer but don't tell mine I said so.) 

One of our models, Ruby, rockin' the ladies room at the Evergreen Aviation Museum

...and later rockin' the Burgerville. Nom.

I went up to St John's where I used to live for a wander. That cement wall you see in the background is the one in that picture :-) We used to live in the apartments just behind those trees. 

There's Malabrigo at Powell's! What?!?

Ominous. (That's the garden outside my apartment window, pretty eh?) 

I am mostly recovered from my wholly unpleasant poisoning ordeal, though I followed it up with a really hard head-to-towel-rail smack that's still a little achey. Geez. Here's hoping the next few days go a little better than the last few....

Friday, April 5, 2013

Doomsday Preview: Nuclear Winter

I had to miss out on the nuclear power plant trip (*sob*) because I'm still recovering from some quite unpleasant food poisoning :-( But Vivian and my sister/model Katy (and her boyf who was there to lend a hand) knocked it out quite well without me, despite the freezing cold and rain. Quite apocalyptic indeed!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Operation Doomsday: Evergreen Museum and Trunk Show

So first of all, this is happening. If you are in the Portland area and want to get a peek at the Doomsday projects (fresh off the models and all sandy/sweaty/wrinkly!) you should definitely stop by!

For everyone else, here are a few peeksies from today's shoot at the Evergreen Aviation Museum.

I totally MEANT to make her blurry. For sneakiness. Yeah, that's it. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Operation Doomsday: Coastal Shoots

Presented in no particular order and without comment, except to say that these are not the final images (obviously)- just a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from the last few days at the Oregon coast, which was precisely as chilly and misty as it looks.

That last one involves no small amount of weird camera error...but it's kind neat.

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