Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Style your Knits: Northern Line 4 Ways

I did an extra one this time, for reasons that'll become clear. Remember when I said I had "matchy matchy" problems? Well it was tricky to break out of the White Stripes vibe with Northern Line, maybe because of how I styled it in the first place.

Northern Line 1

First attempt- alright, cool, I dig it. I assume you'd use a handknit hat, though. Of course ;-)

Northern Line 2

My attempt at classing it up. This is how the fancy biznuss ladies dress these days, right? But yeah. This is all kind of boring if you're not Meg White. So I started channelling a Mondrian vibe....

Northern Line 3

Kinda cool! I don't know if I'd wear it, though- I don't really do full-on primaries very much. But I can appreciate the mod-ness of it, and those boots are killer.

Northern Line 4

Now this, I can get on board with. Nothin' says stylin' like hipster glasses, mint jeans, and Pokemon headphones.

Again, of course... I expect you to sub in a handknit hat ;-) I will be very disappointed in you otherwise. Just so you know.

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