Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Style Your Knits: Lutine 3 Ways

Yay, new occasional series! Because Polyvore is fun, and because it can sometimes be hard to picture different ways to wear a single knit. Let's start with Lutine, because I know it's a bit of a quirky one.

Lutine 3

First, the cozy overcast-day look. Blue plays nice with yellows, but keeping them cool and lemony keeps it from looking a little too "Team Colors"-y (I am probably extra sensitive, living next to University of Michigan.) Little bit of pale aqua-green and a healthy dose of neutrals helps too. I'm a firm believer in mixing neutrals. Brown, gray, black... it all goes together just fine as far as I'm concerned.

Lutine 2

Next... speaking of neutrals, how bout a buncha lovely grays? And just a pink of pinky nudes to keep it from being way too matchy (I veer towards matchy, as you'll probably see. I have to watch myself constantly.)

Lutine 1

And finally, I tried to femme it up a little. But not too much, 'cause I ain't into that girly girl shiz. Hunter boots (my favorite things ever), graphic prints, and a gothed out necklace help tone down the twee-ness of the pink cardigan and minty skirt. Also, glitter, because yes.

Hmm, I think #1 is my favorite. Any votes?


  1. the second one is definitely my favorite, but maybe just because I have a thing for hot air balloons. plus I prefer that sort of color scheme. either way Lutine is one of my favorite hats of yours; it's just so gosh darn quirky.

    1. Thanks :-) It is a goofy one, but I like it!

      I think #1 is biasing me with it's trench coat, I've been trying to find a good one for ages. I do love that hot air balloon shirt. The only way I can get away with using Polyvore is by pretending that these items aren't actually available for sale, haha.

  2. I want that hot air balloon shirt. Check that. I NEED that hot air balloon shirt.


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